Heck! Hard to get reservations in December?



We have 7 of us going the first week of December and I am trying like mad to get the “must gets” for dinner for our friend’s first trip. It is proving really tough to get the following:

Le Cellier (duh, always impossible)
Cinderella’s Royal Table

Maybe I am still just ridiculously naive, but I thought we would have better luck when the crowd level is a 1 or a 2. I mean, c’mon, Ohana is booked up?

Are people at the resorts and not going to the parks?


I think the dining plan in general really fills the restaurants.


I read that you can’t make reservations for over 6 at CRT?? I made two reservations at the same time - one for 3 people and one for 4. I’m hoping that we can be seated together! If not I will be very unhappy :frowning:
I had to do this for Garden Grill as well.


ooh, good luck! We just switched some ADR’s around, but we aren’t doing any of the most sought after places. We settled on Rose & Crown (so we have a spot for fireworks for the 1st time), Whispering Canyone (a repeat, but it’s DD10’s birthday and she chose this one to eat at, plus it’s in our resort), Biergarten (new for us, DH’s choice), and Marrakesh (a repeat, but we are celebrating DD7’s bday that day, it’s exactly a month before and this is her all time favorite place).

I really wanted to do ohana again, but we’ve done it a few times, and decided to skip it this trip.

Still deciding if we want to add anything else or just play it by ear and do CS or see if we can get in anywhere last minute.


Ohana was a tough one to get for our trip in a few weeks,even when trying to book a long time ago. I do know that when I was making ressies for this upcoming trip, where there are 9 of us, I had to book in 2 smaller groups (6 and 3) to get the reservation. Hope that helps.


[QUOTE=FairyGranmama;1090094]I read that you can’t make reservations for over 6 at CRT?? I made two reservations at the same time - one for 3 people and one for 4. I’m hoping that we can be seated together! If not I will be very unhappy :frowning:
I had to do this for Garden Grill as well.[/QUOTE]

Hey that’s their loss then. A loss of the MANDATORY 18% gratuity applied for 6+ ppl. Oppps, sry I know that’s another thread but I just couldn’t resist :biggrin:


Yeah, but…
It’s still a great point!:wink:


You could try calling the group dining reservations number and see if they can help you get a reservation. I know you only have 7 (and group dining is for 8 or more), but they may be able to help you. 407-939-7707

Good luck!!!


Good point, although at CRT tip is included with the cost of the meal. As long as the service is good I have no problem with the 18%!


For our reservations for last Thanksgiving, I had to divide our group of 10 into 2 smaller groups in order to get reservations at 1900 Park Fare. When we got to the meal, they saw we had two separate reservations and they immediately seated us together!!


Actually, we were able to get CRT, just not on the night we want. And, I got it for seven people. No problem there, but I want to change the night and I was only able to get Chef Mickey’s now for 7:15 am. I don’t’ want that time, LOL, so working on that one. Ohana I still don’t have.

I did luck out and get Akershus this morning for one of our breakfasts though.


Yeah, 7 guests were not a problem. Here is my info off the resizes site:

Cinderella’s Royal Table
Magic Kingdom Park
Date: Saturday12/03/2011 Time: 09:25PM Dinner(Includes Characters) Party Size: 7 Guest(s)


[QUOTE=cjtownman;1090142]Actually, we were able to get CRT, just not on the night we want. And, I got it for seven people.

I called 180 days out and couldn’t get it for 7 any night, for a week!! How did you luck up??

Bama Rama I so hope we are seated together too!!


Honestly, about now I am thinking it is luck. I am the most persistent reservation searcher, for about 30 mins each night while the family is in front of the tv. I am just sad it is so hard to get the ones this time I usually find super easy during the summer months. I have never been rejected for Ohana before and never been rejected for Akershus before. But, this year I have had to move stuff around so much I am just sick of it. LOL.

I want to make sure we see all the Christmas stuff but don’t want to miss any of the dining either. This is a touch trip for us, never planned Christmas before.


Hey Bama Rama, I just realized you are named Ginger too! There aren’t very many of us! Is Ginger your nickname or given name? I am named after Ginger Rogers LOL!

Sorry for the threadjack! :slight_smile:


[QUOTE=Soundgod;1090116]Yeah, but…
It’s still a great point!:wink:[/QUOTE]

Hiya SG – and yes, a good point!


Like to have a discussion (not a hullabaloo) about something that I have thought about for a long time.
Is it selfish to wonder if there shouldn’t be a window for those who are on property but who aren’t using the free plan (for instance, families who are eating food in the room so they can afford to splurge on one big night out, etc.) to book a bit earlier – even if it’s just a week window?
Not trying to start a big issue, but it seems like it would be a fair plan.


You know, not sure if it would matter. I find out every year, and I am sure it will happen with this trip, that people massively change reservations as you get closer. Like I said, persistence has always been key. I was just shocked that it was so difficult with a crowd level of 1 or 2.


MsDiz - I am not sure how I feel about this idea. On the one hand, I like it -since we are one of those non-free dining families and are not eating TS as much this trip. But, if I was on free dining this trip I’d want to be sure to get the most out of it.

But, I bet wdw would want to be sure the free dining people get good choices too, aren’t they hoping those folks will add alcohol and appetizers to increase their profit?

BTW - I was shocked when I was switching ADRs online and didn’t cancel one before adding one for the same day/time. It let me keep them both. The next day I realized I hadn’t canceled the 1st one and did cancel, but I was so surprised it let me have 2 conflicting ADRs.


This summer, it did ask you to cancel the other before creating the new ressie. However, as always, the Disney webpage is broken. This being Disney, I am consistently shocked how broken their website is. My company is a vendor for Disney. If ANYTHING ever is broken with our product, the fit hits the shan. They escalate, escalate, and then escalate some more. Then, they want after action reviews and documented assurances that “it will never happen again”. But, with their website? They seem to always have issues with it. Sort of surprises me. You would think something as big as their reservation website, it would always work.