Heeeere's HoneyBear!


You’ve read about her, now here she is-an official member of DC! Say hey to the best reason I have for coming home every night! She has a wicked sense of humor and continues to surprise me even after 10+ years! :wub:
Now, she needs to get posting so she can join us in Chit Chat!


Hi! I am finally here - hope I live up to all the hype!! Looking forward to being part of the DC 'hood!


Welcome HoneyBear!!!


Hi and welcome! :slight_smile:


Hi HoneyBear! Welcome to DC!! :mickey:


Welcome to DC. You’re gonna love it here!


:mickey: Welcome HoneyBear! :mickey:


[B]Hello and welcome to DC!!!

P.S. - watch out for Erin. And Roxie. And Dana. And Pumouse. And sTinkerbell. And, oh forget it. Watch out for all the nutz here. [/B]


Welcome HoneyBear! It’s great to have you here. I look forward to reading your posts!


Yiiiiiihaaaaaaa WELCOME HB…good to have you, can’t wait to get to know you.


It is so great that you finally decided to join us. Hopefully we live up to all the hype also.


Honeybear!!! I am so excited that you joined!! Doughnut is so wonderful, and I’m glad that she has a wonderful Honeybear!!

It’s great to meet you!!

Hurry and get to chitchat! :wub:


Welcome HoneyBear! Glad that you joined us! :mickey:


Darth! I can’t believe you warned her about me! That’s okay, I still like you! Anyway, Welcome Honeybear! I also welcomed you in the LOST thread!



I hope you have loads of fun here!

:tongue: :wink: :cool:


Welcome, Welcome, Welcome! :flowers:

I know you will love it here!

Lisa :mickey:


Welcome HoneyBear - you have finally arrived!!! I noticed in your profile that you are a Junk Mail Expert - do you have a degree in that or are you self-trained? :laugh:


Welcome to your new 2nd family!!! :mickey: time to get postin’!


Welcome Honeybear!


Welcome HoneyBear!! We are happy to have you join our merry troop. Get to postin’ now, ya hear?