Height Requirement Question


DD is about 39 inches, which makes her just shy of the requirement for quite a few rides that her BB is going to want to ride. Someone we know said they ran into this same situation earlier this year. And that the child that was barely too short was allowed to ride as long as a parent said in was ok…Is this common, or was this just CM’s taking some liberties?


i think that is just a cm taking liberties.

if we are taking about eh 40’ requirement rides, (diff. of 1 ')i have a suggestion…

have your DD wear shoes with a thicker sole. wal-mart, payless and many other shoes stores sell white tennis shoe that look like keds, but they have a platform type of sole.

they would easily get you DD to the 40’ height.

i would suggest you purchase the shoes, keeping your receipt, bring them home have DD put them on, then measure her height. if she measures up…keep them & enjoy all teh rides with BB. if she doesn’t get the height needed, return the shoes! LOL

if this doesn’t work…well, there’s always next time! :C)

good luck!


DD4 was just shy for soarin’ the CM looked at her shoes . . . then said if this card slips over her head (thickness of a cc) then she can’t ride . . . it did and she couldn’t! (That was Feb, but she was OK in May, over the line!)

It is there for your child’s safety . . . cuz even now DD4 IS 40" and can go on Soarin, Goofy’s Barnstormer . . . etc . . . Soarin was OK, but on GB, she was like flying out of the seat . . . I was scared to death the whole ride and had a death grip on her . . . the force of the ride was making her little body just rise out of the seat . . . I was freakin’ and so was she! :blink:

So altho, a lot of people use the high heel method to get on the ride, do keep in mind the height requirements are there for a reason!

(OK, I’ll stop being your Mother now! :blush:)


Depends on the CM…has nothing to do with whether you say it’s ok. The height restiction is in place for your child’s safety. 1 inch however can easily be hidden with some high soled shoes.


My personal advice to you is that if she is too short, even one inch, then wait until next time. My DD7 was maybe one inch short to ride RnRC when we were there in August and the CM was not about to let her ride. But when we returned in March she was over the restriction and enjoyed the ride. I have to agree that the restrictions are there for a reason and I would not mess with the thick soled shoes. Better safe than sorry.


This is a pretty black and white issue for CMs. The CM who let it slide could have been reprimanded for letting someone under the height requirement ride. As others have mentioned, this is for the safety of the child. I will agree though that thick soled shoes could correct the situation.

Make sure she practices standing up straight and prepare her for the instance that she might not get to ride.


We have had very odd experiences with this topic. My DS 4 (who was actually 3 on our trip last Sept.) was 40 inches tall in his shoes before we left for WDW. We go to Epcot- Test Track-he got right on with no problems. The measured him and said he was fine. Soarin’-no go.He had a good 1/2 inch between the top of his head and the bar.:blink: Off to MK- no problem at all getting on BTMRR. Twice.
It seemed very odd to us, that he could get on two of the shakiest, bumpiest and fastest rides at WDW, but not on Soarin’. I realize how high up Soarin’ goes, but he would have a seatbelt on, with a parent on each side holding each hand.
Meanwhile, he was on TT, with one parent on each side supporting his little head with their elbows so his head didn’t bang around on the sides of the seat.:eek: :laugh:
And this is a little off topic, but does anyone else find it ironic that we spend tons of time and money to keep our kids safe while riding in cars at home- using seatbelts, child safety seats- making sure they are buckled up correctly each and every time we go,even just up the street to the store. But, then we go to WDW, put them on a bus-standing up:eek: , and throw them on every kind of wild and crazy ride we can think of!!:confused: :laugh:
How much sense does that make?:blink:


LOL!!! :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: I’ve had the same thought before!!!

Prezcatz Paul


YES!! LOL the standing on the bus thing totally freaks me out!!:laugh:

we don’t ride the most intense rides, so there has never really been concern about that…at least you are strapped in on rides! LOL


Especially with the way the drive:laugh:

Back to the height…my DD was 39 inches and none would let her ride. She is taller for her age and a daredevil and I know would have loved to get on, but CM’s said no.


My DD was right at 40" on our last trip, and she’s creeping toward daredevilness! She rode Expedition Everest, Soarin’, and even Space Mtn. twice. The next MK day, we headed back to SM. The CM wouldn’t let her ride, and she was so disappointed! Next time…


I totally understand the need for height restrictions, but I am a huge fan of platform flip flops!!


I Understand The Restrictions. My Dd8 Was So Dissappointed She Couldn’t Ride Primewhril Last Year So We Have Been “stretching” Her All Year Dh Gets The Feet I Get The Hands An Dwe Pull And Swing Her After We Get Done She Runs For The Measuring Stick To See If It Works. She Was An Inch Shy Last Year So I Hope She Has Grown And Inch In A Year The Measuring Stick Puts Her Right At It, So I Guess We Will Continue To Stretch Until Trip Time, Which Is 70 Days Away!!!


I think part of it might be the scare factor of Soarin’ I really think little ones might be afraid. My ds3 would be…I think. Although I thought he would be scared on Dumbo and he loved it along with Magic Carpet ride. That makes my stomach do flip flops going up and down.


The height restrictions are in place because of the way the harnesses fit and where the head rest are positioned. An inch of tissue in the shoes or a high sole won’t make their torso any longer. The best thing to do is wait until they are tall enough…really tall enough. A two minute ride isn’t worth a life time of back and neck pain. All it will take is one sharp movement and if they don’t fit the seat properly the damage will be done. You may not see the effects right away and it may only present itself as a sore neck at first, but it can easily get worse…especially if they continue to ride the rides.

The rides will still be there when they are tall enough to ride them.


Funny you say this . . . we were so EXCITED last trip that DD4 was tall enough, we took her on soarin’ she seemed so happy about it.

The other day I say . . . yay, you get to go on soarin’ again . . . and she looks like this :eek: and says “NO WAY Mommy, I was scared to death the WHOLE TIME!!!”

I was like you were? We were all so pumped about her getting on, I never asked her if she was scared . . . I thought the look of :eek: was AWE not terror . . . oh well! :laugh: :laugh:


I have used a cap, too. Just raise it up more on their head.


:laugh: That’s cute! Our youngest DD was just shy of the 40" mark last time in shoes with thicker soles. We measure her on a regular basis, and she is always so excited to see she’s OVER 40" now. She will be 5 in November and is such a little peanut. She has a lot of friends who have been and come back telling her about riding things she’s never experienced. It’s sad for her. I can’t wait for her to be able to have the chance to ride those rides too.


It does get to be part of a “game” for our oldest. She is currently 43 inches, and hoping to make it over 44 by the time our October trip rolls around. It works great for things like “eat your brocolli” or “drink all your milk” so you can grow up tall and be able to ride the…

I think we even got a paper growth chart from Disney once that had a ride list right next to the numbers. We already had a wooden one hung in DD’s room, so we didn’t put the Disney one up, but we thought “what a cute idea!”

Prezcatz Paul


We had the paper height chart from Disney too. We put it on the side of our refrigerator, but it got ripped in the middle. It was a very cute idea!:happy: