Height Requirements


Because all to often you walk up to a ride with your kids to find the unwelcome sign :blink: saying that they are to small to go on:glare:. This is to make sure you are prepared. :happy:

[U]32" or Taller[/U]
Autopia (to Drive) (DP)

[U]35" or Taller[/U]
Gadget’s Go Coaster (DP)
Matterhorn Bobsleds (DP)

[U]36" or Taller[/U]
Tuck and Roll’s Drive 'Em Buggies (CA)

[U]40" or Taller[/U]
Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (DP)
Space Mountain (DP)
Splash Mountain (DP)
Star Tours - The Adventures Continue (DP)
Jumpin’ Jellyfish (CA)
Silly Symphony Swings (CA)
Soarin’ Over California (CA)
The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror (CA)

[U]42" or Taller[/U]
Goofy’s Sky School (CA)
Grizzly River Run (CA)

[U]46" or Taller[/U]
Indiana Jones Adventure (DP)

[U]48" or Taller[/U]
California Screamin’ (CA)