Height restriction problem!


My 5YO DD wants to ride spacemountain this year and I have been talking it up big time only to realize today the height limit is 44 inches and she is 43 and some change!! :noo: !!

Are they pretty strict even if they are close??? We are so looking forward to doing more rides together as a family and I am thinking very high sandals at least for that ride!! :whistling Do they look at the shoes???

Any suggestions???


If Disney is like our amusement park here, it probably depends on the operator. Some may be to the .0001 inch, some may “not care”. We were told that are our park. The person that told me that also said that if the operator is looking all around when people get on, chances are they wouldn’t look.


I have a comment, and I’m not trying to be a contrarian…

Height restrictions are for safety purposes. The reason rollercoasters have height restrictions is because of the concern about being able to safely secure a smaller person.

Space Mountain is by no means a “big thrill” ride, but it’s certainly jerky enough that if you weren’t secure… (I’m not going there)

I remember when DS was 3 1/2 and couldn’t go on SpaceM with his godfather and me. He cried and was upset for a couple of hours. He got over it and he’s been on it a few times since.

When are you going? It’s only an inch… maybe she’ll grow? Kids do that. :laugh:


Feed her lots of good, healthy food in the next three weeks. (Also, I hear watering regularly as well as talking to them is a good way to encourage growth!)


Matt - I just wanted to thank you for raising a very valid point. Rides are built to accomodate patrons of certain heights/weights. A lot of rides depend on gravity to keep the person from falling out – at Disney there’s Splash Mountain, for instance. These height restrictions are in place for safety reasons, not for psychological ones.

In this poster’s case, as your daughter is even less than an inch too short, I think you’ll have pretty good luck getting on. I think the platform shoes or high pony tail is a good approach, lol! I haven’t HEARD of anyone getting turned away for being a fraction of an inch under, so hopefully for you it’s not too common.


Actually she is not a whole inch too short!! Probably only centimeters!! I agree with the safety issue all the way but a couple of centimeters, I did not think that would really make a difference!! Maybe I am wrong!! I would never do anything to hurt her!!

Anyway, she has gone on other roller coasters and has been fine!! She will not throw a fit!! She will just be disappointed!! Us too but we will all live if she cannot go!!
Definitely do not want to start any kind of a debate!!

Thanks for the input guys!!!


My 5 year old DD has been turned away from Indiana Jones at DL for being half an inch too short. The CM’s measured several times and got several opinions before turning her away. They do look at hair and flatten it but not at shoes. In the end she was disappointed but got over it. I was grateful to have two CM’s that were doing their job and were trying to keep her safe. It’s the ones that don’t measure the kids that you have to worry about.

Have a great trip!!


My DD was turned away from Space Mountain for being 1/2 inch too short. So, I would prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

She got to ride BTMRR, though…I’m not sure if the height restrictions are the same. But, you can’t ride with (same car - different seat) her on SM so that might be why they are strict on that ride…


I’m sorry if that’s what I implied. That wasn’t my intention at all. It’s just sometimes it’s difficult to fully understand why the height restrictions are there. Like I said, Space Mountain isn’t a crazy wild ride.

I suppose the best thing to do is to warn her now that she might not be able to ride it. That way, it’s a no lose proposition: If she can’t ride, then ok, we knew that, but if she can… :smile: :smile: :smile: :mickey: :smile: :mickey: :smile: :mickey:


No merlinmatt I just meant that I know that things like this can start that and I just hoped my question would not do that!! Not intending on saying you were trying to start one!! I just did not want to be the starter of one of those threads ya know!!! Anyway!! I really am sorry Matt if you thought I meant you!! I feel so stupid now!! :redface:


I will say that when we were there last November, they measured little DS(he was 42 inches) for EVERY SINGLE ride that had a requirement of 42 inches. They didn’t let him through even once w/o measuring. Maybe it is different if the kids are bigger. 9 yr. old DS got measured for Kraken(Sea World) and his shoes had a pretty thick sole on them…they didn’t once look at his shoes but they did flatten his hair down to get an accurate measurement.

If she is just centimeters away, she just may be able to go through the line but I would prepare her just incase they tell her no. I hate when they are JUST shy of the height requirement…breaks my heart to tell them no when they are so excited.


My DD was JUST shy of the height requirement in her bare feet, but with tennis shoes (normal tennis shoes) she was fine and rode BTM and SM.

I kinda think they take shoes into consideration, myself. As long as they are not obviously high.

She did get measured everytime and she was just fine on all of those rides. She had a great time and didn’t complain about anything hurting or banging.

FYI, I did see one mother who had put a pony tail on the top of her daughter’s head - her daughter was probably a GOOD two inches under the requirement. I guess she thought the CM was stupid or something. He told her no and the mom proceeded to argue with him!


How about going to Wal*Mart and getting a cheap pair of “tall” shoes, they normally have a discount rack, if it is that important that they need to go on the ride. Just put them in your bag or a locker when not being used.

Just a thought.


She has a pair of sandals she loves that are like those platform ones!! She still will ride in the stroller most of the time so walking won’t be a problem!!!

I measured her again barefoot and she is 43 1/2 inches!! She is 1/2 is to short for SM!! Maybe she will grow this month!! :wink:

I will prepare her just in case!!!


I did forget to mention that the CM that measured DD for SM asked her to suck in, because that makes her taller…try measuring her with shoes and sucking in and see how tall she is…

Just a thought.


Yes saftey is the reason for all height requirments, but that half inch, in my opinion, will cause no concern for safety. We a have used the thicker bottom sneakers for our son, once or twice in the past.
At one time, AK used to apply a bracelet on children that would allow the CM’s to instantly see that they are fine for that attraction, do they still do this?


Have you considered a limb lengthening procedure? :eek: Kidding. Anyhow, not to be a wet blanket, but my mom’s seat belt came off in Space Mountain years ago - I don’t completely trust that ride. My dad had to hold onto her for the rest of the ride. :crying:


If I remember right, there are lap bars now, Did SM reopen in DL - it waw being rebuilt due to a structural problem. I love the most recent update with the music playing.


In a word: SHOES. You have to make up less than an inch.


I couldn’t tell you about Space Mountain but on Splash Mountain they let my daughter on though she was a good inch and a half to two inches short. We were a little worried but they had no problem letting her on. Very fortunate for us too because it ended up being her favorite ride in the park.