Height Restrictions


Anyone know where to find Height Restrictions for the parks? DS
is 2.5.


Try this…

Disney World Information - Disney’s Height Requirements


thank you for sharing this link! :wub:


Thanks Daisee, it was a big help. We took DS to Disney last November and he went on alot of the rides. But I couldn’t remember where the Height Restrictions were. He is still not tall enough for some of the bigger rides. He is only 37" I don’t think he will grow 3" in 4 months. But you never know lol!


I hope I’m not thread jacking, but does anyone know how strict Disney is about the height restrictions? DD is about an inch and a 1/2 short, and I’m wondering if they’ll let her slide… (fingers crossed)


When are you going on your trip. She may grow. My DS is 37" at age 2.5 and some of the rides are 40". Although I am not sure he would like some of the other rides.


9 more days… LOL I don’t think it’s going to happen! Now I’m resorting to hunting down some platform shoes. I’d hate for her to see her sister go on rides without her. The last thing I need is one more thing for them to fight about! :smile:


I really doubt they will… CM’s take it seriously from what I have experienced.

My DD always wore THICK soled shoes. Those usually gave her about an inch or so boost and she made the requirement.


Daisee very ingenious! Vans shoes have thick soles. I will have
to remember that one! There are a couple of rides that are 38" so
if ds wears the vans he should be good! Thanks again!


Bella Grace good luck to you. Look for some Vans they should work!


I think you might be able to get them a wrist band at some of the rides to insure that they have been measured and set to RIDE!!! :happy:


We have been hoping our youngest would be tall enough to do some of the bigger rides this year, but alas, he is a little pipsqueek!! He is 3 1/2 and is still only about 39 inches tall, with shoes on. Oh well, I guess that just means we can use the baby swap for one more year!


what is the height requirement for Soarin?? My 4 1/2 year old wants to ride this in the worst way. Help!!


i am pretty sure soarin is 40". my DD is just at 40" with her “tall shoes” - we’ll see if that is passable - she really wants to ride it and splash mountain!!


They are strict, but in our experience, the stick is off by about 1/2 " in your favor. Go with the thick shoes if you can. The CMs will not ask them to take them off. This trick does not work at the water parks for some reason.


Hhmm… wonder why??:wink:


My peanut is 3 (going to be 4 in early November), but she is only 38 inches tall. We’re looking for some thick soled shoes so we might be able to squeak her on to at least Soarin’. I think Kali is the only thing she’s “legal” for at her little stature.


Just looked on the link that Daisee provided, Soarin’ is 40"


We are all so excited!! We measured our youngest this morning, with his shoes on and he was finally 40 inches!!:mickey: If it is true about the whole 1/2 inch in our favor thing, we will be good for Star Tours, Soarin, Splash and BTMRR!! We have been dying for him to ride these-hopefully he will enjoy them as much as the rest of us!!


We took our DD for her first trip when she was 3 and she was not quite 40 inches even with shoes on… A lot of things she could not ride. We took her back in March and she was right at 40 inches. But only if she stood up perfectly straight. So…we put a folded up napkin in her shes so she would stand straighter. It wasn’t cheating because I promise she was 40 inches, but if she slouched the slightest bit then she was about a pinky finger width too short. We are going this November and right now, without shoues she is 43 and a half inches!!! With her heelies, (no wheels) she is 44 and half…soooo… Space Mountain, EE, ToT, here we come!!! DS in 47 and a half without shoes and with them he is 48 and half…He has been waiting since his first trip at 6 to ride RnR so this is his time to ride!!!

We have noticed that CM’s are not leniant with the height restrictions one little bit. If they are not touching the stick then they will not let them on. We have had few CM’s in the past measure them at the bottom and will tell us that they can ride, then when we get ready to go on they will measure again and say no.