Hellloooooooo frrrrriends


It is time to let you know that I am making my way back to WDW…muahahahaaa


And I understand your cousin is coming as well? LOL Marti! I suspect you will have yourself a wonderful time!! I hear there will be a pre-planning party at the Inn in September with a full cast of characters…:cool:


Love marti!!!


Marti! How are you? Where have you been???


Probably being enslaved by that crazy Innkeeper…hiya LiMS:wub:


Well look at what the cat dragged in!! hehehe

hiya Nutty!!!


Ha,ha. Beat me to it. That’s what I was going to say. What fun your avatar is. :laugh:


Marti! I can’t tell you the sleepless nights I’ve had worrying about you! The Innkeeper claims she sent you back with the Delaware crew! Wherever you are, I hope you’re keeping fit! Enjoy your trip!


YAY Marti you are back!!!:happy:
Hope that Innkeeper didnt work you too hard!!:ph34r::pinch:
Enjoy your trip!! We will be looking forward to hearing all about it!:cheshire:


no,no dear frrrriends, I am save and sound under doughnut’s bed. It was somewhat difficult to stay under there with all that dust coming down from the mattress above me, but that is where doughnut deposited me after her return from that nice Inn. Be careful what you wish for :closedeye


oh look who’s showing her two little faces.

Hello there Marti, long time no hear


you little rotten furball you have had a place of honor in the middle room…keep it up and you will be sleeping in Jinx’s bed!


meeeeeeooooow…just try and catch me


haha, now you are getting a taste of that two faced weasel


I honestly don’t know why Social Services hasn’t been called yet…that poor little cat.:crying:


maybe she could live with you?


I would be THRILLED to have that poor little cat - the life she’s led!:crying:


I have an idea. We’ll have doughnut bring her to WDW and you will meet us there. Then you can take her home and write a book

" Memoires of a battered Scoundrel"


et tu llamafur? :laugh::wub:


Yep yep I like Dopey’s idea…:laugh: