Hello again, trying to make it back


Hey all. After many, many attempts to come back I finally gave up and started a new acct. Unfortunately the old email I used to login is no longer and haven’t figured out how to contact Mickey. So, so long Mickeybug and hello LaBug. It’s been a while but i’m looking forward to planning my next trip with y’all.


Yay! you’re back in, Cyndi. Let’s plan


Wonderful to see you back! When I saw your user name, I honestly thought of Mickeybug! Let the planning begin!!!


Welcome back. Hopefully others will also come back also.


Me too. You could still have FB but this is where it all started and hopefully we can regenerate that vibe again.


Yeah it still shows that name as an active user even though I can’t access it so I had to change and start all over again. Shouldn’t take me too long to get enough posts to make it back into chitchat lol


Hello, welcome back. :slight_smile: