Hello disneyland! Help booking :)


Hi guys we are looking into an October trip to Disneyland! Well I need help booking. We are a family of four, The parents, me (who will be 16 :wub:) and my brother who will be 11. Obviously we can’t share a bed and we will only stay onsite. What is the most efficient way for us to get a room? Help my 16th birthday relies on you! :crying:


When we’ve stayed in the DL Hotel in the past, they have given us a room with two queens and a couch that makes into a bed. Not the most comfortable thing in the world but, hey, you’re in Disneyland, how bad can it be!!!


Now that’s an issue :P. We would like some breathing room you know?


Thanks for all the help… uhmm… I forgot your name i’ll edit in a second. Anything else I should know before we look into officially booking?

anaheimboy- Sorry for forgetting your name! :happy:


Not sure if you are familiar but at DL there are MANY hotels that are just as on-site as the Disney owned hotels. You could look into a suite that would have more room at half the cost or less! We stayed on Harbor drive and it was as close as the official on-site hotels. We walked in less than 5 minutes to the gate. It is a way different set up than WDW. I love on-site at WDW but at DL it is really just more money. Unless of course money is no object then go for it! However, your parents may appreciate this info :slight_smile:
Have a fantastic B-day!