Hello everyone Which resort ? info?


Ok I live in florida and we have annual passes . We have been to most of the resorts but never a few of them and we are undecided on whether we should stay at the grand floridian or the boardwalk .

Has anyone here been to either ? Can you tell me which is better ? Or ar there advantages to one more than the other ?

I know I do not post much as I have been very sick the last year fighting cancer .

So sorry about that .

I just would like to know if I am going to spend that kind of money which resort is better .

Thanks in advance


PS what is club level ?


I like the Grand Floridian because it is just a short monorail ride away from the Magic Kingdom.

The Boardwalk is just a short walk from Epcot, though.

Which parks do you visit more frequently? If MK and Epcot, then GF has monorail transportation to both. If it’s Epcot and DHS, then the Boardwalk has a boat to both.

I have never stayed at the Boardwalk, but I would venture to say that overall, the Grand Floridian offers more ammenities.

IMO, the Boardwalk is better for the DVC villas, which are along the Boardwalk. The Inn just isn’t as cute in theming.

The Boardwalk has a bigger waterslide, though.

It’s all about your vacation style.


Well I have two daughters , one is ten and the other 12 . We like animal kingdom and epcot mostly . to be honest we are all mk’ed out lol
I was also wondering about club level and what is the difference ? What do you have to do to be club level ? I was also wondering if the beds were more comfortable as well because I have back problems . And the pool may be a big deal because of the kids . So I have heard the villas are better than the regular resort at BW . But I have allways wanted to stay at the flordian since I was 12 , just never had the chance to spend this kind of money but lol can now because of my tax return . So I just want to be certain we are going to be happy .

Anyhow thank you , we will take that into concideration .



Well, seeing you like Animal Kingdom, there is also Animal Kingdom Lodge. But, in reading your previous thread, you stated you always wanted to stay at the Grand Floridian, so complete that dream. Stay there!


To us the most “Disney” of all the resorts is the Poly. It is neat, fun, full of magic, easy access to the park, and just FUN. Why are we not staying there this year? Price mainly and we wanted to try renting DVC points, but it is by far our favorite so far.


I can’t comment on the actual differences in the resorts as I have not had the luxury to stay at them, however, if it has been a dream of yours to stay at GF, then I would say stay there. You may regret it later if you don’t. Will you get a chance again to enjoy that resort? If you are worried about transportation, keep in mind that really, in the big scheme of things, Disney’s transport is not bad at all, and you can get where you need to go easily. As far as beds go, I’m sure someone here will know when they were last “upgraded”.


If you frequent Epcot more than MK, it makes sense to do the Boardwalk. You will be closer to Epcot and will be within walking distance. Club level is concierge service: you will have access to a special room with drinks and light snacks. Worth it I think.


Thanks all yes we finally did make the choice , we are staying at bw in a deluxe room club level . So anyhow I decided because both my kids want to stay ther einstead of gf . I want them to be happy so I chose bw .
Thanks for all your help !


I haven"t stayed at the Grand Floridian, but I have stayed at the Boardwalk. I really liked it; the location,with proximity to 2 parks, is outstanding. Also, the Boardwalk district offers entertainment and multiple dining options footsteps from your room.


What do you have to do to be club level?


Pay more money:laugh:

The difference between club level and as a regular guest are subtle in some ways and great in others.
At the GF, the main building and one building close by are club level while the other buildings are standard. Poly also has an exclusive lodge building for club level.
At Boardwalk, club level is the top floor (same as Yacht, Beach, and Contemporary).
Now, the differences are

  1. Advanced planning assistance and dedicated concierge staff (this was especially handy when I needed to book an Illuminations cruise because there are only 6 boats allowed total between all the hotels and they are literally gone 5 minutes after 7 AM 90 days out)
  2. A club level lounge where during the day they have continental breakfast items, snack items, light food dishes from one of that hotel’s restaurant menus (Boardwalk used to get stuff from both Flying Fish and Spoodles and I’m not sure what they do now that Spoodles was replaced by Kouzzina), and desserts along with cordials, wine, beer, and soft drinks. (And espresso/cappuccino machines!).
  3. Additional toiletries beyond shampoo, conditioner, and lotion.

The beds are the same, then again, right now, other than deluxe hotels, only CSR has two queen beds as standard instead of double beds at the values and the other mods.


Yes I am will to pay for it lol . only 11 more days .


I would vote for Boardwalk, great location and more things to do around there… Plus, the GF just seems STUFFY to me imho… :mickey:




Which resort will be determined by which park you spend the most time in. If you all like Epcot adn Hollywood Studios and spend tons of time there, choose Boardwalk. If you love the MK and spend more time there, go for GF. Both are gorgeous and super deluxe…GF a little more so, but who keeping score? I would choose by closeness to the parks. To me Boardwalk makes the most sense because you can walk to the International Gateway and have tons of meal options…more so than at the GF. The GF does have the monorail,but still more food options at Boardwalk in my opinion.


I would vote for the Boardwalk as alot of people have stated. It is an easy walk to EPCOT, a short boat ride to DHS and the restaurants, shops and entertainment closeby are a plus too. I would also say the Boardwalk is more kid friendly too.


congrats on your decision,enjoy and have a magical time