Hello everyone


haven’t been on for awhile, so anyway just wanted to say HI… we were at Disney in nov but we came back to the holidays and then a unwanted, unexpected house guest that still has not left. I never got a TR done … and now way to late… I do have to say we were there nov 13 for eight nights. this is our favorite time to go.great weather and low crowds except for the christmas party.very crowded. . . we did the mickey Christmas party… loved it… but i think we prefer the halloween party. . … anyway our next trip is September . dh and i decided we would alternate holidays… we did one day were we just went to see hotels… loved animal kingdom… … we are going to try to stay there in September… hope you all had a great holiday…


Welcome back to MB!

Hope you had fun on your trip…:happy::laugh:


Oh, I still want to see pics from the TR! It’s never too late…

We’re going to be there in September too!


Never too late to do a trip report. Would love to still hear it. (November is really my favorite time to visit also!)


No such thing as to late! Tr please!!


Hi welcome back, yes I would love to see a TR too.


Even a short one with a few pics. P L E A S E!!!

  1. Welcome back
  2. Never agree to a house guest
  3. It’s NEVER to late to do a trip report, so get typing. Reliving a trip report for us will help you remember what a great time you had and help you forget about your house guest…Start yet? I am WAITING! lol seriously, get typing…I want to hear about your trip.


i will work on pictures:mickey: this weekend.