Hello from Animal Kingdom!


I can not believe how fast this trip is going !! We are on day 9 of 14 already!! We are having a great time and are hoping to catch the rescheduled shuttle launch on Wednesday morning !! We had our first rain shower today and it is HOT, but we are taking our time and having fun together!!:laugh:


I’m so happy to hear you’re having a great time. I can’t wait to hear the details when you get back. Enjoy the rest of your trip.


How are the crowds?


Glad to hear you are having FUN!! :happy:


Have fun!!!


I love hearing from people who are there right now! :biggrin: So exciting!!

Glad to hear you are having a great time - have a wonderful rest of your trip!! :wub:


Isnt it amazing how time flies in WDW! Have a great time and dont forget the pictures!


The crowds are heavy, but manageable!! We have been avoiding the afternoons because of the crowds and the heat . I do know that AK eve EMH have been really busy for some reason. We are at POFQ I went to the front desk to see about switching resorts and was told everything was booked- she actually called 4-5 other hotels without any success!!


Have a wonderful time and take a ton of pics!


Its amazing how fast time goes by at Disney! I am curious, though, why did you want to switch resorts?


Hope you are having a fantastic and memorable trip! Can’t wait to hear the details.


I have to admit that we’ve done the same thing before. I remember a couple times in college when we’d book one of the vale resorts then say “Darn, can we upgrade now that we’re here?” :laugh: It worked ONCE but we only had 2 nights left & they had a room available at AKL so we took it. :smile: It was my favorite resort ever since.

Sorry it didn’t work out on the resort switch Mommyof2, you are having a blast right where you are I am sure. :smile: