Hello to Dementia!


[B]Hi Dementia!
I have enjoyed reading your posts and I think your avatar & profile are pretty cool! Now I want know more about what makes you tick.
Take it away, Dementia, the floor is all yours![/B]


I would say welcome to DC but you have been a member here long than I have! Welcome back sounds good.


Welcome Back!! Or Again…or I don’t know…Hi!


Hi, Dementia!!! I’d say Welcome to you, too, but…well, you’ve been around forever!

We’re all pretty friendly, as you can see…if I were you, though, I’d watch out for Darth…he’s a little freaky…just a word of caution.


I agree with you Erin…I mean just check out his avatars…but anyways…welcome back???


WElcome back to DC. Glad you are back with us and actively posting. I look forward to reading more from you and hearing more about your upcoming trip. :flowers:


hellooooooo Dementia?

She must be packing. And ordering GoH badges.


Glad to have you posting. I enjoy reading your posts and look forward to many more.


Hello? Dementia? :confused:


Welcome back!!!



How did I miss this thread?

That say the eyes are the first thing to go, right?

Thank you, everyone, so much for the warm (re)welcome. I’d post more consistently in between trips, but hey, that’s simply too much torture. And truth be told, I won’t get into details because it IS a public forum, but after my last full trip in 2002, I suffered a HUGE blow in my life, so I dropped out of sight of EVERYONE for a long time. So most of the posts you saw from me in 2003/2004 MOSTLY were from my BF, who was using my account. But he has his own account now, even though he’s been lurking a while, so be sure to say hi to Robio :slight_smile:

LOL Hi Darth! I like to get pretty creative with the avatar and profile and whatnot. You want to know more about what makes me tick? Dangerous question … :wink:

Define “freak”, my name IS “Dementia”, after all :wink:

Baloo!! I keep noticing your name pop up. Howdy neighbor! I live in Deerfield Beach, just a couple of miles away from you :slight_smile:

And just for the record? SHHHHHH… I’m a woman, not a “he”… it’s okay, I get that a lot. It confuses me, because I don’t THINK I sound like a guy, but people always think I am online, and my online name to me never sounded masculine. I’m obviously doing SOMETHING wrong… :wink:

Hahahahaha… packing over 40 days early… too much research first!! Too much planning!!

But I’m sorry, I didn’t see this thread until now. :frowning: Bad Demmie!!!

But actually, from another board, I was lucky enough to run across someone who was offering to get GET the badges from DTD, so I couldn’t decide between the anniversary gold badge (Ooooo shiny!), and the Stitch one. I ALSO couldn’t decide between using my real name, or my online name most people (even in RL) know me by, Demmie. So since they seemed to be out of the gold badges (I am going to try to get a local to go get me one), I opted to get the Stitch one now (“Here Comes Trouble”) and have it say Demmie (more playful anyway), and then hunt down a gold on and have that one use my real name.

ON THE HUNT FOR THE GOLD BADGE! (where I don’t have to pay $10+ shipping)

I also ordered a Tinkerbell one for my youngest daughter, who is 5 (and will be dressed in her Tinkerbell outfit on our first day, MK), also engraved with her name (I have never seen her name anywhere: Shaelyn), so it’ll be interesting to see who can actually pronounce it.

Funny story (Demmie’s rambling again), when my ex-husband and I sat down to discuss her name, we wanted to choose a spelling that people could easily pronounce. We ended up calling her Shae most of the time, because people can’t seem to get that the spelling of her name is just like it sounds (SHAYlin).

So anyways, it’s 7 am, and I have to start getting ready for our 4 hour trip to Tampa today for the Bay Area Renaissance Festival, I’ll be back tomorrow, and I want to thank everyone again for such a great and warm (re)welcome…

It’s good to be home :wink:


hey dementia welcome back


In that one part where Baloo was reffering to ‘his avatars’ - he was referring to my comment towards Darth. Darth has the freakiest avatars…(I just saw that you thought Baloo was referring to you as a male)

Anyway - I’m glad you’re doing better after your ‘ordeal’, and can plan another trip to WDW! You must be very excited!

How many children do you have? I’ve seen references to a teenager and a 5 year old, so 2 girls?
I have 3 children, myself. 1 boy, 2 girls.


Hey Dementia :slight_smile:

I don’t think I was on DC yet when you were posting before, but I just wanted to say hi! I love your DD’s name by the way… Shaelyn… very pretty!!


I love your new avatar! Welcome back!


I’ll second that! The Boundin’ Bird is a great one!


Heya Dementia! :biggrin:

My name is…um, dznygrl…and um, I’m a Disney freak. :blush:

Glad you’re back with us! Please post like crazy!


Try me, I can handle it.


What do you mean, Erin, about Darth’s avatars? How about caver’s avatar. That eye operation did something to his face. I just can’t put my finger on it. hmmmm?


Darth that avatar makes me squirm!!!