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I am taking my five year old daughter to Disney in Dec. for 7 nights. Just the two of us (single mom). My babysitter just told me she could go with us. I have made tons of ADRs (mostly character meals) for 2. When I called dining, they told me there was no availability for my restaurants for the week we are there (Nov. 30 -Dec. 7). Any thoughts on how I could add a third? I would love to take her with us so that I could have some “me” time and ride some things my 5 year old won’t go near but I also want our sitter to dine with us. I would appreciate any thoughts. Also, any thoughts on Riverside? We were staying at French Quarter until the winter specials came out and I could save almost $500 switching to Riverside - so I did!

Thanks for any input!!


Welcome to MB!!! Riverside is beautiful- and saving $500 is amazing!

I would not cancel my ADR’s, but keep calling since people do cancel. It’s possible that you could add a third person when you check in at the podium for each restaurant. You might have luck.


We loved Riverside! We stayed in building 15 in Alligator Bayou, which was great because it was close to the bus stop, and was the first pick up on the bus route (if you are taking Disney transportation). Also, it wasn’t too far from the food court/front desk. Building 18 would probably be good too.


Keep your ADR’s as is if you are going to bring your sitter. Most likely, at least when we have done this, they will be able to sit the 3 of you when your ADR is only for 2.

To be honest, I would leave the sitter at home. Are you really going to have alone time? I can understand the ‘want’ to go on a ride that your daughter can’t or doesn’t want to, but if it was me, I wouldn’t care- as long as I was spending the week with my daughter.

I couldn’t care less if I stepped on another “adult” ride because ever since I have brought my kids (3 & 2) to Disney, I have lived Disney through their eyes. It is totally different.

I hope I didn’t come off too harsh, but I just think you should keep it as a Mother-Daughter trip.


Thanks for the input. I can’t wait for our vacation!! I work alot of hours and don’t take any time off for myself so I was thinking that bringing the sitter might give me a break as well. I’m still not sure we’re going to bring her.

I’ve never requested a specific area at a hotel (we stayed at Poly last year) - what do I need to do?



First of all, Wecome to MB.
Here’s a fan site for POR for you to check out Port Orleans - An Unofficial Visitor’s Guide to French Quarter and Riverside
We love POR it is absolutely beautiful.

Since your daughter is so young and little, I would not do anything. I wouldn’t try to add and I wouldn’t waste time calling. Just go. There’s always room for one more at the table. And this advice is coming from me who is a stickler for rules and not upsetting the apple cart, so to speak. Really, you won’t get any dirty looks from the servers :wink:


Agree with Dope. Lots of people do it all the time, and never have a problem.


Here’s a thread full of beautiful pictures

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[QUOTE=staceyheis;871503]Thanks for the input. I can’t wait for our vacation!! I work alot of hours and don’t take any time off for myself so I was thinking that bringing the sitter might give me a break as well. I’m still not sure we’re going to bring her.

I’ve never requested a specific area at a hotel (we stayed at Poly last year) - what do I need to do?


I like the idea of bringing the sitter. Room requests are difficult. They’ll try to give you what you want, if it’s available when you arrive or you can pay for preferred locations - water view versus whatever else they offer.
My favorite part of POR is the Alligator Bayou. So wonderful and lush. there you should ask for building 18. It is most centrally located to Old Man Island pool, the main building and!! it has a quiet pool and laundry right next to it. The bus stop is just a few steps away as well :wink:


Don’t really have anything to add other than to say Welcome to MB!!! Have a wonderful trip.


Thanks for all the useful information. I’m going to love this Board!!!


I agree that you should not change your ADR’s and if you decide to bring the sitter along then just show up at the podium and I’m sure they will be able to add one more person to your table.

I also agree that maybe this isn’t the place to take a sitter. Even though your daughter is young you’ll be surprised at the amount of rides the two of you will be able to experience together. It is such a magical place and I think it will be even more special with just the two of you.


Keep your ADRs. A lot of restaurants can easily pull up an extra chair, or you can squeeze over in a booth. We made dining reservations for 9 the week the band was at WDW. On the third day at DHS, we had 10 in our party. I called several times that morning, but couldn’t get through. When it was time for our ADRs, we walked over to Prime Time and I checked in and asked them if we could change our reservation from 9 to 10, and it was no problem. They scooted an extra table over and we were fine. However, it was February and we had early lunch reservations. The restaurant wasn’t very crowded at the time.

I still think you should continue calling, but if you don’t get 3 in, just go to check in and ask if you can add an extra. Since one is a child, it will probably be easier to shift things around. They’re selling an extra meal - they should be happy. However, it also depends on where your ADRs are. If you’ve got CRT and California Grill then you can forget it. :laugh:


Hello and welcome to MB- I agree with everyone else on both the ADR issues and POR too, i.e…dont change your ADR’s I doubt it would make any difference at all, and building 18 at POR is wonderful too.


Can I throw out a few questions? How old is your sitter? Will she want to eat all the meals together. Maybe while you and DD are eating she might be want some time to ride the big rides. I think a trip just the two of you is great, but if it was me, I’d still want some time alone. I don’t know if I could do a solo trip with a child. A day or two maybe, but not a whole trip. If you don’t bring a sitter, have you looked into the kids clubs at disney? I don’t know much about them, but 25 yrs ago, my DS loved them. I’m pretty sure they might have changed in that timespan though.:laugh: That way, you can have lots of mommy time and still have some me time. But whatever you decide, have a wonderful trip.:happy:


I understand where you are coming from and being a single mom myself, I felt nervous going by myself with DD, and so the first 2yrs I brought my mom with us but she actually held us back a bit, because of her age, etc… Our first trip as the 3 of us, DD was 6 (almost 7) and it was nice to have my mom there it was also a drag. The next year I brought her again, reluctantly, but not having the courage to do the trip alone yet… after that year, I vowed never to bring her again and she didnt want to go either! :laugh:\

The next year, her father wanted to come! :eek::laugh:
I made plans though for him to leave earlier and DD and I can have some “alone time” and it worked out great!!! DD and I did SSW, while I encourage her father to go see his cousin and family in Kissimmee and spend the weekend there before going home! That’s the way I planned it and it worked out great except for the fact that the hotel (POP) gave us rooms next to each other adjoining! :glare: :laugh:
After that trip and having the weekend to ourselves and flying home just the 2 of us, I have booked every trip there after (1, lol), just the 2 of us and it’s soo nice and very special to both of us! :heart::wub:
My dd is older now (10) but we seem to do fine, just the 2 of us.

If you really want to go on a ride by yourself, which are you referring to?
There is not many rides that I think a 5yr old won’t go on, depending on your child, but does she like rides? The only ones I think you wouldnt bring her on would be Tower of Terror and Rock and roller coaster. But depening on your child. When DD was 6 and in kindergarten, there were alot of rides she was afraid of but 1 of her classmates, we ran into there, she went on EVERYTHING!!! Unafraid, RNRC, TOT, etc… It all depends on the child… As DD got older and I was alone with her, she would hang back as I rode. DD was completely fine with that too, and Disney is a pretty safe place.

I think the only advantage to having 3 people at a restaurant is that you dont get stick with those small tables! :laugh: But also think of the other things, like as 3 people, on most rides, 1 person will have to ride by themselves.
I understand the need to having someone else with you on your trip but I also think you will be fine, just the 2 of you! :happy: The only drawback, is the pricing…because you are 1 adult and 1 child, the price is almost the same as having 2 adults and 1 child. As 1 adult you pay the price of 2 for the hotel room.

Ever since our 1st trip in 2004, we have been going every year since!!! Last Dec was our 1st totally alone trip when DD turned 10!


Riverside is wonderful! You will love every minute. If you request a room with a trundle, then each of the three of you would have your own bed!

As for the ressies – it is tough, because there are plenty of tables that seat two, but add one more person, and you are competing with all the parties of four for a table! Parties of four are so common that you might end up having to make some changes in your plans and grab new restaurants. But I wouldn’t let go of the ressies you have now until you book something new in their place!

Good luck… I am anxious to see how it turns out for you!


I should add that the trundles are in the Alligator Bayou section, which is our favorite. Ask for Buildings 14, 15 or 18 if you can!