Help/ advice about Paradise Pier Hotel


[QUOTE=Voldemort;1116961]Vegas and DL in one trip? :ohmy: Two of my favorite destinations, AND at my favorite time of year? :wub: I hereby cheerfully volunteer my services to provide the two of you with onsite coordination and guide services. :laugh:

Kidding aside, it’s a great time to be at DL. It’s true that daytime crowd levels are low and manageable; for attractions like Peter Pan that have no Fastpass and only have longer lines as the day wears on, those less-busy hours early in the day are a real boon. Depending on how you prefer to approach the parks, it’s even possible to cover the majority of the “peak” attractions in the hours between breakfast and lunch. Taking advantage of the morning is a good way to make sure that you see and do all the things you want most; when you encounter bigger crowds and longer waits in the evenings (and you will), it won’t mean missing out on your favorites, because you’ll already have gotten them under your belt. Weather is generally very comfortable during the day, with slightly lower temps in the evenings. If you pack with a mind to light layers, you’ll be ready for anything.

There’s a Target a few blocks away from the parks on Harbor Boulevard, and there’s a Vons grocery, a CVS and a Walgreens nearby, so you can easily pick up anything you may need (batteries, snacks or beverages for the room, toothpaste, whatever) without having to pay the inflated prices at the gift shops and the neighborhood 7-11.

On average, most San Diego destinations are a good 90-odd miles from Anaheim, so you’ll need to allow a good two hours to get there. I’ve had that drive take as little as 75 minutes (don’t try that at home, kids) and as much as three hours. Plan accordingly, and try to keep some flexibility in your schedule. Personally, I prefer the Zoo to Sea World, but that’s me.

You’re going to have a great trip. Color me jealous.[/QUOTE]

thanks for the offer of your expert services I guess ill call you on three-six-two-four-three-six!:ninja:


[QUOTE=jimbo;1117008]Wow thanks folks - Thanks to you guys I’m starting to re think many things. glad to hear the sun shinnes around the pool, please you have told me about the tavel time. I’m thinking as we are doing sea world orlando this year ill give that a miss next year but will need to squeez in uiversal.
now thinking about park am pool for the afternoon and more park and shopping on the evening when the sun has gone to bed. ( we dont get much hot sun in my part of the UK:rolleyes:)

We are pricing up disneyland hotel and Paradise Pier. :mickey:[/QUOTE]

A fine idea. My DD did much the same thing when we were there a few years ago: we’d hit the park at rope drop, go do a bunch of rides, break in the afternoon for pool time/lunch/shopping, and then go back at night. Worked out splendidly.

Since you’re going to Sea World this year, by all means do something else when you’re in California next year. Having been to both, I can tell you that they’re similar enough that you won’t be missing out on anything if you only go to one. Will you be able to visit Universal while you’re in Orlando as well? Orlando has the Wizarding World (the #1 reason to do Universal, not that I’m biased or anything :ninja:), which L.A. does not. Unless you’re both big thrill-ride fans, you may not feel the need to add that to next year’s itinerary.


We were able to do DL and CA in 2 days but that was before Cars Land, and we stayed at the Disneyland Hotel and loved it!