Ok my husband finally agrees that we should get a DVC!!!
But the only deluxe we’ve stated at was OKW, which we liked but not for the DVC.
I am really torn between AK & WL. What’s the best part of each reasort? It’s hard tell by just looking on line.
We’ve never stayed at either just visited to eat.
Any info/imput would be great~:mickey: thanks


Ive never stayed at WL but can cast my vote 100% for AKL!! The resort is unbelivable and Ive heard and seen nothing but good things about the DVC side of the resort. It now has two amazing pools, fantastic places to eat, the savannahs, wonderful staff, amazing theming, great, comfortable rooms, a welcoming and homely atmosphere, minimal issues with the busses, a great shop with unique african merchandise aswell as some great Disney apparal and gifts (food too!), the list goes on! It really is one of the most perfect resorts. It even has its own ‘smell’ that makes you smile as soon as you step into the lodge!


I was actually in the same boat as you this time last year and we decided to purchase as WL. We love the great outdoors feel and the beauty of the whole resort. I ultimately loved the location. My DH loves taking the boat to MK (I think being a boat driver is WDW is a secret fantasy of his) and you are just a short distance away from all the activities at Fort Wilderness, Contemporary, Poly, and GF.

AKL is also a beautiful resort, but when we stayed there I felt very seperated from everything. Other than AK, you are really seperated from every place else I feel.

Ultimately, you need to decide what is most important to you and make your decision based on that.


If you’re talking about buying into DVC…one thing to consider is that your contract for WL expires 2042 and AK expires 2057. Disney has incentives for AK but not for the older properties. When I added on points I got $6/pt discount if I added at AK (making it $99/pt) and would’ve paid $106/pt at BC. I also was given last years points in addition to this years (so instead of getting 50, I got an extra 100 at purchase time). The other thing to consider is if you buy from a reseller, you’ll pay closing costs…so depending on the number of points it may be a wash in discount (plus Disney has the right of first refusal which can end your deal altogether).


I love both and own at both - they are great resorts!


Last year when we stayed at AKL we fell in love with it. It is beautifull, the pools are great, the food is great. I can not find one thing wrong with this resort. Its perfect.
This year we wanted to try WL and we fell in love with the location. Although the resort is amazing if AKL was in the same location as WL we would pick AKL. We wouldn’t have to think about it. It is so convenient to have a boat at your back door to get a ride to MK, contp, GF, FW.
If I were you I would try them both first before spending all that money. Even if you did a short trip and stay two days at each.
You will find different things you love at each resort because each one has its own magic but the location is complete oppisite of the other. Its what is important to you and which one gives you that “homey” feeling.
Good luck and I wish you the best with your purchase.


Thanks for all your help everyone–great advice!!!
It’s a big comitment, a bit scary:noo:


I definitely think you should check out both properties before you make any kind of decision. You will know which one is the better fit for your family that way.


You stole my answer. How come you make sense today? :angel:


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[QUOTE=lovemysons;984863]Even a blind squirrel finds a nut every now and then…


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But back to DVC.

There are many good folks here who are owners, and they can better explain the pros and cons. :slight_smile:




If you like WL because of the looks of the lobby and the main building where the restaurants are you will be disappointed with the DVC portion. I stayed at WL last September and I just was not happy with the DVC side. In my opinion it was boring compared to the rest of the resort.

I would check them both out if i were you.