Help! AKL or WL?


I’m going to WDW in April '06 to meet with my wedding planner and get some of the details firmed up before our wedding in October.

Instead of just going for a few days, I’m trying to plan a suprise week-long visit for my fiancee, his twin brother, and his brother’s wife. We’ve all been wanting to go together for so long, and we really won’t get to enjoy all that much “free time” together when we go for the wedding, because it will be madness.

I am looking at booking at the Animal Kingdom Lodge or the Wilderness Lodge for this trip, and I can’t decide!

Opinions on which you would choose, and why, would be really helpful.

Please and Thanks!


I haven’t stayed at either but we are staying at AKL this trip. I just love the idea of waking up with the animals outside my window! How long are you going for? Is it possilbe to spilt the trip and stay at both?


If it were me, I’d definitely pick WL. It is so breathtaking when you walk in the lobby. I’ve never seen AKL, so I can’t say much other than that my cousin always stays there, and loves it.


I would (and have) pick WL. It is so pretty! Its close to MK, where AKL jut feels so far away.


If you’ve never experienced AKL I am going to have to tell you to DEFINATELY try it this time! The feeling of walking into the lobby is just as grand as the WL and it is SO welcoming, exciting, and beautiful! The pool is huge, with a natural entry and fun water slide for children. The hot tub is hidden in a little outcove, they offer a full gym, sauna and massages rooms. Common viewing areas of the savannahas are just as impressive as the Safari Ride in AK itself and the rooms are well furnished and authentically decorated. Perhaps one of the best feautures of AKL are the knowledgeable castmembers that nearly act as curators of the resort. They have sessions for you to explore and feel different animal tusks and bones, offer ALOT of information on the animals, and one time I even made a giraffe ornament out of an ostrich shell that recently hatched.

Boma is amazing, Jiko is BEAUTIFUL, even the gift shop offers amazing pieces of art from many African artists. I LOVE it!!!

You just HAVE TO experience staying there at least once!!!
Let us know what you decide!


AK definately. It’s one of the most romantic places at WDW. The foliage, the animals, the great restaurants…everything! WL is also beautiful (in fact, the two resorts were designed by the same architect), and it’s a lot of fun to stay at, but, for me, the presence of the animals at AK tips the scales in its favor


I will have to say AKL. I like WL too, but the animals at the AKL are what makes me keep picking that one. I am a huge animal lover and waking up to them outside my window is just heaven. I also think the transportaion at AKL is a tad bit better. you don’t share with anyone like you do at WL. To be fair though, WL has great access to the MK and if you have little ones, that may be a selling point for you.


I’d say AKL too. WL also has a lovely lobby, but the rooms are small and not terribly impressive. I don’t know what the rooms are like at the AKL, but the grounds more than make up for it either way.

If it were me, I’d go with AKL.


[QUOTE=Dana]I I also think the transportaion at AKL is a tad bit better. you don’t share with anyone like you do at WL. [QUOTE]

WL SHARES BUS SERVICE? oh my, ok, I am starting a new thread, I did not know that!!!


Thanks for the great advice everyone!
I really cannot decide, so I think I am going to go with Missy H and split the time…4 nights at each!


Thats a great idea!
We have stayed at both and I was going to go with AKL, since that is the place that really got us into “Disney” 5 years ago.


Great idea. Then you get all the good stuff from both of them


You honestly can’t go wrong staying anywhere on property, but I think the split a neat idea . That why you can decide for yourselves which one you like better.


OK I have 2 girls ages 11 and 8 what would you suggest for us? We are going in February (hopefully) still pricing things out. So which would you recommend with 2 kids?
Thank you for your help…