Help! (annual pass)


We’re from IL, family of 5 (3 adults, 2 kids). We’ll be at Disney for 7 nights in Spring 2008, we’ll be at the parks for 7 days as well - (although one day we’ll probably resort-hop, we haven’t seen several resorts yet). I ordered the Dining Plan, because we LOVE to eat. We play hard & eat hard when we’re at Disney. Should I buy an AP to save $$? Right now, the cost of our trip is $6696.19 … we’re staying in the tower at the Contemporary, castle view. OUCH!!! That’s a lot of $$$! We’re committed to the reservation, we really want the Contemporary castle-view room.

I don’t have time to crunch numbers, but I’m dying to know if I should buy an AP, and do away with our Park Hoppers & dining plan. Should I buy an AP for all of us, or just one?

Prices Effective August 5, 2007, Tax Included

Annual Pass Gate or Check-in: Adult $477.12 Child $420.68


A stay of that long is getting to the point it’s cheaper. But you really have to compare the numbers to be sure. Is there any chance you’ll come back within a year? If not, then the only way to be sure is break out the calculator.


I agree, I think you need to break out your calculator. You may or may not get an AP discount on the room, which of course might sway you, but you are never guaranteed of an AP discount on the resort you want.

We knew we were going more than once this year, so the AP’s were a no brainer for us.


Well, our 7 yr old turns 8 on Oct 8 in 2008 … and DH reeeeally wants to surprise her with a quick trip to WDW. In our dreams, lol. I don’t know. I think he’s a tad delusional to think we can afford 2 trips in one year.


Well, there you go. If you went with AP’s they’d still be good in Oct. 08. :slight_smile:

And, since you can’t use the dining plan with the AP, go ahead and order the DDE card, it will give you 20% off meals at almost everywhere on property, including food courts.


Can I just mention how flippin’ CONFUSED I am right now??? I have my statement here, saying our trip cost is $6696.19. So, just for the hey of it, I went to the official WDW site & asked for a quote for the very trip we’re going on, with Magic Your Way plus dining (what I have). It’s quoting a cost of $5648.38. That’s a $1K difference. What gives??:confused:


Take a look at your tickets, that could be the difference. There are non-hoppers, non - expiring ones, that could cause the difference in price. Otherwise, the prices should be the same. Out of curiosity, who did you book with?


I booked with Disney directly. 7-day park hoppers. Same as online. I called though, didn’t do it online. I’m going to call them, I think. This is too much of a difference, it’s just so strange.:mellow:


Never mind. They had me down for 8 nights, when I’ve told them many times, I need only 7 nights. Even when she took the 8th night off just now, she kept saying “Are you sure, because the Tower’s booked solid for those dates”. I kept saying, “yes, 7 nights is plenty. It’ll be the biggest vacation my family’s ever had. We’re driving, not flying, we need that day to get to Tennesee”. Jeepers. I’ve said that the last 3 times I’ve called. LOL


So, new cost is 6039.12 for 7 nights, 7day park hoppers plus dining package. Online, now when I enter that exact info, it comes up as 6305.45. I guess I didn’t have the dining package added in the earlier quote?? I can’t stand the differences in numbers … unless they’re in my favor. LOL


We do not buy an AP every year. I have to crunch the numbers to see which way to get the most for our money. This year we did get one as we will be able to get three trips out of it.


Yes, you definitely need to do the math and see what works for you and where you can save some money.

In your post you mentioned your family loves to eat (play hard, eat hard). I think the Dining Plan probably has your name on it.

One thing I have done in the past is add up the per day cost of the Dining Plan for my party (yours will be: adults - $37.99 x 3, children - $9.99 x 2 = $133.95). Then I go to Deb’s Unofficial Walt Disney World Vacation Information Guide - WDW Planning Guide - Walt Disney World click on “Dining” at the top of the page and select a restaurant for my counter meal and a restaurant for my table meal. I write down what I think everyone in my party would probably order (Counter Meal @ Lunch – 1 meal, 1 dessert, 1 drink, Table Meal – 1 meal, 1 dessert, I drink). I would do that for two or three days using different restaurants and see how the bill for each day comes out in comparison to the price of the Dining Plan for that day. Depending on where you eat and what you order, the Dining Plan can save you a lot.

“lovemysons” mentioned the Disney Dining Experience above. You can also take your total bill from the table meal and deduct 20% to see how that compares to the Dining Plan (that would be the cost of your table meal if you purchase the $65.00 Disney Dining Experience and purchase one annual pass). From my experience the DDE works at most of the table service restaurants and several of the resort food courts (all three all-star food courts, both port oleans food courts). Call (407) 566-5858 (Monday - Friday, 9 am - 6 pm EST). They should be able to fax/e-mail you a copy of who accepts DDE. Here’s a link to a list but not sure how accurate it is ( - Disney Dining Experience)

As far as a discount on your hotel room, from my experience, if there is an AP discount offered, it is usually about $100.00 a night for deluxe resorts.

+$448.00 - Annual Pass (theme parks only)
-$700.00 - Approx AP Savings at Contemporary ($100 x 7 nights)
-$252.00 - Approx Savings

+$579.00 - Premium Annual Pass (theme parks, water parks, disney quest, pleasure island)
-$700.00 - Approx AP Savings at Contemporary ($100 x 7 nights)
-$121.00 - Approx Savings

Unfortunately it is one or the other: 1) purchase annual pass, purchase DDE & receive room discount 2)leave reservation as is with Disney Dining

If you did purchase 1 annual pass, the money you save off your room for 7 nights will cover your DDE membership ($65.00).

One plus about adding the Dining Plan is that the meals are on every room key for your trip. If anyone splits apart from your group, they will not have any problem accessing their meals.

One negative about the Disney Dining Experience . . . You are issued one card ($65) and you can order an extra card for your spouse ($25) . . . and if you try to use the card but it is not your name on the card, you might have a challenge getting your discount.

Most important . . . if you are even considering doing the Dining Plan, be sure to call and make your reservations (180 days before your reservation). Go to PS Calculator 8.0 and use their calculator. It shows you when you can call and start making other reservations too. You can always cancel or change them but be sure to make a reservation for every night.

Hope something above helps.


Yes! Thank you for that post. Turns out my friend who’s a cast member got a hold of me & chastised me (LOL) for not talking to him before making our reservations. He is now on my fast-dial if I have anymore questions about what to do & when. I love this board though & I’m still gonna hang out here! :goofybounce:


Did your friend (the cast member) have any good tips?