HELP Any info on Summer Bay Homes


I have been offered a great deal on a home in Summer Bay. I was looking for a deal at Grande Vista but was offered at this resort community??? Any information on it would be great. I did check out the website, but would really appreciate your feedback should I stay there or Grande Vista? I need to move fast on this offering so hopefully you will be able to post quickly!!! THANKS!!!


I’ve never heard of it, but hope someone can help you.


Is this the summer bay resort near disney. When are you going?


Yes it is. It is a 3 bedroom home within in the resort, we are supposed to be going this coming June. I have looked at via the website and just wanted to see if anyone actually stayed there and what they thought.


I will be going May15 - 22 at summer bay resort in one of their condos. It looks really nice on their web page. I have a two bedroom condo. I will be going in a month so I will let you know that is how the condos are and the grounds and also the pool. I am using my mother-in-laws timeshare for that week.


How nice. I hope you have a wonderful stay and time at Disney!!! I will await your report back. Take care!!! :smile: