Help! Countdown Counter?


I was wondering if someone could tell me, how to list my Disney vacations as well as how to get that count down counter that lets you know how many more days you have to go before your next Disney trip like I see on the other mousebuzz members?

New to mousebuzz not to Disney.



Welcome to MB!!

The countdown timer comes at 100 posts and 3 months as a member.

You can add your info in your signature by doing this:

Under Quicklinks at the top, go to edit signature. Type in your info and save!



Thanks, Ill give it a try.



I think Ive got the hang of it!



Welcome to MB. You’ll like it here, I’m sure. Looks like you have a trip coming up in July and it’s going to be the first one in 3 years. There’s a lot of new things for you to see and do. Let us know what your plans are. We all like to hear about other peoples pre trip plans when we don’t have one to make ourselves. :laugh:


looks like you got the hang of it!!
welcome to MB! looks like youve been to the best place on earth a few times:laugh: already…but there is sooooo much to learn here!!


Thank you to everyone who replied.

I always make time each year (because I work 7 days a week) to take a trip with my family (daughter, gradaughter and husband). Now the daughter is getting married in July and while she is on her honeymoon it will just be my granddaugher, husband (the zebra in the photo w/her papa) and myself.

We will finally get to say YES! to everything she asks for! (Just Kiddin).



We will finally get to say YES! to everything she asks for! (Just Kiddin).

isnt what you are there for!!!:laugh:


I agree. lol