HELP! DiningPlan?


Okay… I hate to admit this, but I have not stayed on top of all the goings on at Disney concerning Tickets and pricing…

I am getting 5 day hopper passes from my employer (Chase) at a discounted rate… the bummer they expire after 14 days of first use… I just liked the idea of having tickets that never expired…

But, here is the real question… Can I get the Dining Plan if I don’t buy my tickets thru Disney? I mean can you get the dining plan with a room only reservation?

Looking forwar to DC coming thru for me again on this question!!


You have to have a Magic Your Way package through Disney to add on the Dining package. But, I think you can just get a one day park entry package and add the dining to that if that will work for you. Also, you might be able to upgrade your passes to the non-expiration passes by paying the difference. You can check with guest services when you get there. Good luck!


Yeah, you will have to buy a package with at least a one day ticket.

BTW, it will cost you $100 per ticket to upgrade to a no-expire option. Suppose you can’t use two days on your pass. You’ve just added $50/day to using the tickets again. Not a good deal IMO.


No, that most certainly is NOT a good option.


So if I purchase a one day ticket I can the dining plan for everyone in my party?


Yes, thats all you’ll need to do.

But, the dining plan has to be for everyone in your party (room) for the length of your stay.


This dining plan stuff is making me really wish I had booked on property… grrr!

P.S. Ron, be nice to DisneyHog! LOL