Help... Disney's Old Key West?


I just saw the map of Disney’s Old Key West and fear that the resort is a little to big. My parent’s wont like the fact of walking miles to get to our resort room. Has anyone ever stayed at Disney’s Old Key West? If so, did you find the resort to be bigger than you thought? Did it take forever to walk from one place to another? Is everything close? Can you request rooms closer to the main building? Please let me know! Thank you!

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OKW is our favourite resort - and yes, it is big - but most of Disney’s resorts are big. If you want to be close to the Hospitality House, main pool, clubhouse, restaurant and store, then the best buildings are 11, 12, 13, 14, (these are directly across from Hospitality House) 15, 16, 62. 63 and 64; (62 is probably the most sought after building, so chances of getting into it are slim). Even though it is large, the resort is very quiet and laid-back. The bus service is generally good. No matter where you are situated, a bus stop is only a short walk. The main bus stop is directly in front of Hospitality House. The only drawback with it is that it is the last bus stop to load, so buses might be crowded. It is also the last to unload, so you have to take a trip right around the resort before disboarding. The buildings to avoid are those on South Point Road - Buildings 47 through 54. They are the most remote. Our personal favourite is 45 or 46, situated on the banks of the Sassagoula. Very serene.

BTW - Olivia’s is one of the best “sleeper” restaurants at WDW.


BTW - Olivia’s is one of the best “sleeper” restaurants at WDW.[/QUOTE]

This is good to know. Thank you. We may take the boat from POFQ to DTD and walk over one night.


I don’t know the bldg number, but we stayed near the Old Turtle Pond stop and it took less than a minute to walk to it. The bus was always nearly empty, so no problem getting a seat, and if you wanted to go to the Hospitality House (main area) you could get on any bus that came by. I would recommend that area!


I have stayed at OKW twice and loved it! It is big, but there are plenty of bus stops and inter-resort transportation.


Thanks guys looking at the map I think we are going to try and request building 28, 29, 30 or 15, 16, 62, 63, 64. They seem to be in the middle and close to everything.


Popsong posted a new youtube video of OKW just today:

Walt Disney World Disney’s Old Key West Resort 2012 HD Florida - YouTube


We like the huge rooms at OKW and the quiet feel of the resort. We typically have a car when we stay there so the size is not a big deal. We like eating at Olivias too.


Just called put request in two places. Sadly I don’t know where but we asked for as close to the Hospitality House as we can get so we will see. Anyway we are thinking of renting a car the last day we are there. Anyone know how we can go about doing that?


OKW is definitely big but I find that we always end up walking a bit to get to our room no matter where we stay! I actually prefer the walk outside in the lovely landscaping of say, OKW or Port Orleans to get to my room than through the boring, seemingly neverending hallways of the Beach Club or the Boardwalk. We had a room at the Beach Club once that I swear was in some sort of annex attached to the end of the building. It was a neverending walk through a million hallways! :laugh:


you are making such a great point :happy:


I never really thought about the size of the resort this way…what good points. I have been in many non Disney resorts that were an endless maze…



If you are not careful I think you can end up in the Utilidors from there!

WDW: Magic Kingdom Utilidors (Large) Map



Excellent point Karen. It’s so lovely to walk around OKW as opposed to the HALLWAY OF DOOM at Boardwalk Villas.

As for renting a car…not at all a problem. National has an outlet at the Car Care Center, located just outside of the MK. The Dolphin has a car rental outlet - don’t remember which one - and many of the hotels at Downtown Disney have outlets as well.


I hear the resort is big, but so are the rooms! Yippee! We have stayed at large resorts and small, and it’s all good.



If you are not careful I think you can end up in the Utilidors from there!

WDW: Magic Kingdom Utilidors (Large) Map


ROFL. Now that would actually be kind of neat!


Except if they catch you they run you thru HISTA and then put you on display in IASW ! ! ! ! ! :eek: :eek: :eek:


But IASW is my favorite attraction so I would be thrilled. :wub: Well, actually, I think the novelty of that would probably wear off by the 15 chorus of “There is just one moon and one golden sun…” :laugh:


I love OKW. The rooms are huge. Remember though that there are no elevators, so you might want to request a room on the first floor.


Someday, when we’ve kicked our 3 kids to the curb, I intend to take Lil’pocahontas to OKW.

(12yo is old enough, right?)