Help-DisneyWorld or Disney Cruise


Yeah, we’re a long way out from next fall, but I’ve been looking at our next trip. We were planning to go back, probably for about 5 days, stay at the Poly(where I’ve always wanted to stay). Well I got to looking at the cruises, and for probably around the same price, we could do a 3 day cruise on the new Dream ship. It looks AWESOME! So I’m not sure what we do. We probably won’t get back to WDW for another couple of years after our next trip. And we’d be cutting our trip short, getting only 3 days instead of 5 days. But ds will be in 1st grade, so the longer the trip, the more school he misses. It may actually come out cheaper to do the cruise. And that would be pretty special, plus we love cruises. But then we wouldn’t get to go to WDW lol, and no Poly. So I’m torn. If you had one trip coming up and you know you wouldn’t be going on another for a couple more years, but you’d been to WDW 4 times since 2007(not that it ever gets old), which one would you choose?


That’s a hard question. I asked my DH and at 1st he said the cruise then he said WDW. I say the cruise it’s like no other out there.


Co’mon 1st grade, miss class? So what? There’s more education in innoventions than in a year of 1st grade. Plus, they all know everything in 1st grade anyway after Baby Einstein and Sesame Street so hit WDW and enjoy it. Afterall, after 5 days at Disney the rest is almost free!


5 days could easily be 7 (if you took the weekends)… even with a split stay at the POLy and then somewhere else… I would choose the land…

Hard choice though…


I’ve been on several cruises with my family and though I have enjoyed them all, nothing compares to the absolute joy I get by being in WDW. Then again, these cruises were not Disney cruises so I don’t know if that would feel different. If my next trip to WDW was several years out…then I would probably chose to go there in order to get my fix but this is just me…I may be slightly biased (plus the longer vacation the better! :laugh:)

Best of luck deciding what’s best for your schedule budget and family, I’m sure you’ll have a great time no matter what!


I vote Disney World if it means a longer vacation.:happy:


I vote Disney World also, because of the age of your ds. Plenty of time to go on cruises in the future, but your ds is so at the perfect age for going to Disney, soaking in every moment, and truly enjoying it. Also, don’t sweat missing school during elementary years. I truly don’t feel it will affect a child’s learning skills by missing a week or so here and there. Now, as he gets closer and closer to middle school, that’s when you will need to start limiting missing school days, as ciriculum gets more challenging.


I’m with the rest on this. WDW wins. More time there, more to do, etc. I’d do the cruise if it were longer. 3 days, imo, just isn’t enough to warrant the $$.

Good Luck w/ the decision.


In 1st grade… take him out and relax on a longer trip. You can have the school put the work together and have it done on the plane up and back. And think about extending over the weekends if possible. It is how we always stretched the trip out to 9 days.


I would have always picked WDW before, but now Disney Cruise all the way.


Based on my experiences with both, I’d say this: If you have to choose, especially with the kids, I’d choose WDW. The cruise was great but it can’t match the Disney intensity of being right there in the kingdom.


Is that a 3 NIGHT cruise? I’ve never been on a cruise, but aren’t the rules something like check in at noon or something on the first day and check out at the crack of dawn on the last day. That’s really only 2 1/2 days.


3 night cruises tend to be a Thursday-Sunday. You can usually board at around 11am, and on the last day debarkation starts at around 8, but if your flight is not super early, you can hang out at breakfast for another hr or so.


Cruising is my favorite of the two BUT I don’t think I would choose a 3 day. We have done 3 seven day cruises and love it. Next year we are trying a 4 day on the Dream and I think it will feel too short. We will do Disney for 2 nights before. So, maybe you can do the 3 day cruise and still add on at Disney? If not I would go for the 5 days at the Poly. I would really love to stay at the poly some day myself.


Thanks for the input! We’re actually thinking of doing the split thing, where you do a cruise, then a few days at Disney. We just returned from a Carnival cruise. It was nice enough to let me know I enjoy cruising, but the Carnival line was a bit disappointing. We’ve talked to others who went on the Disney line and they say it’s so much better. Our kids didn’t come with us on our cruise and we told ds about going on a Disney cruise and he was thrilled with the idea. Disney does land and sea packages where you can take a cruise and stay at WDW too right? I really think that’s where we are leaning, I don’t want to miss the Halloween decorations!


I am all for the land/sea vacation! Do 3 or 4 nights at Disney, followed by the 3 night Cruise. Perfect way to end a vacation! You will LOOOOOOVE the Disney Cruise!!! We went on our first in Feb this year (4 night Wonder) and we loved it so much, we booked a 7 night next Spring.

Happy Planning! :biggrin:


I would do the cruise on the new ship. I’ve always wanted to do that, and save the Poly for the next trip and maybe you can go for longer and your ds will be older. THe money that you save with the cruise can go for the next WDW trip to stay at the Poly.