Help finding good DIGITAL CAMERA for trip ..leave MONDAY!


Hi all . I need help finding a good ( great ) digital camera . I have never owned one but have used some from friends and family but I am wanting one for tmy trip to WDW . I leave Monday and need to be practicing . Anyone have any suggestions ? I have been online looking up reviews but it gets to a be a little overwhelming after awhile . I like to scrapbook so I love to take pictures . I like simple to use but have seen some features I like …red eye out on the camera . Have saw some Canon models I like … I am so excited and want to have excellent photos …please give me your input . Thanks so much !!:blink:


I just saw a digital camera thread on here last week.

Sorry I can’t help, 'cause I don’t own one either.

Just got the hint to avoid kodak… :laugh:


In my family, we’re diverse…I have an Olympus, my brother has an HP, and dad has a Kodak.

All are user friendly, but the HP and the Kodak are a little easier to use than the Olympus…another thing to consider with the Olympus is the fact that it used XD cards, which are more expensive than SD.

I think the Kodak and the HP are both really good cameras, the Kodak is probably a little easier to use, but the programs with the HP are better. The HP also has video that can be edited MUCH more easily!

Just about any camera is going to be about the same, but out of those three brands, I would go for the HP.

Have fun shopping!


I wonder why we should avoid Kodak? I loved my kodak until I dropped it - but, my pictures were EXCELLENT!

I :heart: that camera… :sad:

I still can’t decide on a new one…I better get to it.

Maybe this thread will help me, too!


I take a lot of photos… for prints and for some web pages. I use a Fujifilm Finepix S5000, and the software is just as terrific (and as easy!) as the camera. The body of the camera is a little larger than some… about the size of a small apple… which I like for more stability. It also uses AA batteries, which is convenient.
I am very happy with it.


The Nikon Coolpix cameras are very user-friendly and fall into different price ranges. We love ours!


we have a cannon sureshot as30. it takes great pictures…


First you have to give some info. What sizes are you looking for? Price range?

Just go to Best Buy or where ever and play around. Then buy anything that isn’t Kodak. That’s just wasting your money.


We have a Kodak and are very pleased with it. Very easy to use and takes great pictures. We went to our local camera store and checked out what they had to say. kodak turned out to be the best for us.


Think SMALL. There are some great small cameras that slip into your pocket, yet produce really nice pictures.

I am one that will not have a camera around my neck at a park. But the technology is so good now that I will take a small one. I have a Nikon and it’s wonderful.

And I’m a former news photographer and thought I’d never give up my 35mm camera.


I have my Kodak and love mine. I have never had a problem with mine.


I am going out to look tonight . Thanks for all the suggestions . I am a little on the fence about Kodak . I have a 35mm I love which is a Samsung and LOVE the quality of pics it gives me . I am looking to spend around 250.00 or less so wish me luck and I will keep checking back and update !!


For all the pics that I posted on my trip report, I used a Nikon CoolPix 8700! I swear by that camera! And it’s extremely easy to get used to!:happy:


I have a Canon Power Shot A85. It’s 4MP, a couple of years old, but still takes pretty good pics. If I had a tripod, I could get the fireworks better,though. I don’t have a steady enough hand. :pinch:


I have a Canon PowerShot SD630 and I love it. It takes great pictures and is just the right size. Good luck camera shopping. There are soooo many out there. When I went to purchase mine, I was also told to avoid kodak…I wonder why???


We have a few cameras, but no kodak