Help for a Fellow MBer!



I was wondering if anyone here had purchased the [U]2012[/U] Official Birnbaum Guide to WDW? There is supposed to be a coupon in the book for 25% off a Fishing Excursion. If you have it and do not think you will use it, would anyone be willing to mail it to me?

Pretty please!

I really need the coupon but I could write the book so don’t need that! :laugh:

Let me know please!![/B]


I never got the 2012:ohmy: It’s the first year I didn’t get a copy of the unofficial guide in like 8 years…

I’ll ask around and see if I can’t help fine you one :slight_smile:


Don’t you get one when you book through Disney? I think that there is some discount.


Are you a AAA member? I’ve done several behind the scenes things and got a better discount (20%) than with either AP or DVC member discount (10%).