Help for family planning last minute trip


I’m wondering if anyone could help out with information or suggestions. I know of a family that is planning for a trip to Disney in Oct. They are staying at Doubletree in DTD(I think) and have 3 kids, 8, 5 and 3. The mom was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer in Feb and fortunately they received some help from a make a wish type of organization that is helping make this trip possible. They will be in Disney 3 days and plan on spending 2 days at Magic Kingdom and 1 day at Animal Kingdom. They do have park hoppers though. Just trying to think of a good plan that would maximize their time and be the most stress free. We’ve always stayed at least a week and never had park hoppers so I don’t know the ‘tricks’ in that area. They also express great interest in Chef Mickey’s(or other character meals that would appeal to all 3 kids), but being their trip is only 1 month away, will they still be able to get reservations? She said she was going to call today and try.

I’ve given them all of the info I can think of(we’ve been the last 2 years) but don’t consider myself an expert by any means! I would just like to help make this trip as special as possible for them. If you have any suggestions for them I’d really appreciate it. Thanks!


I hope they have a magical time! Maybe someone could “donate” thier reservation so that this family can enjoy a nice meal! If it was the time I was going to be in WDW I would give up mine!


What are their dates??


We use hoppers, but we go like crazy people, and it doesn’t sound like they are in a position to go with a hard, fast plan like I like to have. If I think of anything, I will suggest, but like you, I don’t consider myself an expert–we’re just a family with an addiction to Disney! :laugh:If they want reservations for a character meal with little time to book, I suggest trying at an “off” time–not the typical meal time–if they can.

I hope and pray that this family will have a wonderful, magical trip! They really deserve a special time together.


i hope they have amazing trip:smile:
tell to keep calling everyday even after they arrived because you never know when someone cancels a ressie


When are they going? I just booked a breakfasat at Chef Mickey’s last week for Oct. If they can’t get one I will gladly give them mine if they are there at that time.


Can I brag on this site for a minute? I’ve checked out other sites and sometimes people just get nasty with each other. But this…not only suggesting giving up already hard to get adr’s but having people actually offer…that’s magic! Love this site and the friendly people on here!


I know exactly what you mean! I am the kind of Disney Lover that calls at 7 am 180 days out, the kind that makes spreadsheet of our plans laminated for every member of the party, AND well you get the picture BUT I am a Girl Scout tride and true :angel: Good people are good people no matter how hard they tried to get thier reservation. I would def give them one of mine…but we aren’t going to be there at the same time!


when are they going I dont have chef mickeys but i have ohanas Id give them. that is a good place also


I’m not sure how open the family is about their situation, but you might want to call Disney directly and tell them the situation and what organization the are affiliated with. Sometimes in situations like this they will go the extra mile to make sure the family get reservations.

I hope this family has the most amazing Disney experience, and I will keep them in my prayers.


[QUOTE=faerie dust;1048039]when are they going I dont have chef mickeys but i have ohanas Id give them. that is a good place also[/QU
And I have a CM for a party of 4 for breakfast on Oct. 25. I think there is 5 in their party though.


Wow I’m so impressed. Thank you everyone for the offers. She called and we never talked about specific dates she just said Oct. They’ve never been before so I was just spouting off any info I could provide, but scared that they were never going to be able to get Chef Mickey’s(or another character meal). I always make our reservations the second I can and plan our vacations way in advance so I wasn’t exactly sure how long these things remained available. I told her to just book anything and maybe they can keep calling when they get there to see if there are any cancellations, but it would be so nice if they could have a guaranteed one. I’m just getting home from our cabin so I will try and get a hold of her tomorrow for the dates and see if she had any luck. Thanks again everyone. You guys are amazing!!


They were able to get Crystal Palace but are still trying for Chef Mickey’s. They are going Oct 15-23


The only advice I can give her and her family is to not stress to get everything done, pick a couple of important things and plan to do them, especially the fireworks at MK, but make sure they get the Photopass people to take lots of pictures of them doing all kinds of stuff crazy and serious! Those pictures will provide memories for years to come!


…OR they could just walk on in and say they have a reservation…Disney won’t turn them away :whistling:angel:

Actually we so wanted a dinner at Le Cellier for our last trip as we eat there EVERY time…couldn’t get one…BUT went up to them at like 5 and they said they always keep a few walk up tables available in the beggining of the night!


I’d just recommend some of the highlights, and would encourage them just to do as much as she feels like doing. I’d also recommend that they NOT plan every single minute. MUCH better to go with the flow because they may find one park crowded and another not.

I wouldn’t skip Studios either.

As far as ADRs go the phone route. Calling in and explaining the situation allows a CM the opportunity to work some magic that the nasty cold reservation computer won’t.

We have a friend with small kids fighting brest cancer also stage four. Tell her to keep up the fight! :tinkerbell: Pixie dust her way.


Try around 9pm - they should be able to get something - I know it is late for the 3 year old but If they make sure to schedule napping time then they should make it. I have eaten there before at around 9 and its great because the place starts to clear out and you have the characters all to yourself.

Good luck


Planning in EXTREMELY important with limited days. You can spend a LOT of time sitting on transportation trying to move from one park to another with hopping. It can take a lot of leisure quality out of the equation and add much stress with unexpected breakdowns, slow traffic, lines, strollers and wheelchairs, etc. Is a rental car a possibility?


I’m going to try calling Chef Mickey’s to see if I can get them a reservation. I also told them that there is a lot of stuff at Hollywood Studios they’d probably enjoy so I think they are going to do 1 day at Magic Kingdom, 1 day at Hollywood Studios and 1 day at Animal Kingdom. Also they want to do 1 day at one of the water parks. Any suggestions on the best one? I’ve never been to the water parks. Thanks again for all the help!

They won’t have a rental car until later in their trip(when they will be doing other things) so I think you are right that staying at one park per day is probably best since they’ve never been to Disney.


Talked to reservations and even someone in community relations about getting into Chef Mickeys and there is nothing they can do. Bummer :frowning: