Help for the best way to go?


Ok here it is we are planning a trip to WDW for right now Dec. 28th check in and a Jan. 7th check out. This is going to be the family Christmas present instead of buying a lot of little things for the kids and us. their will be 7 of us going. So I know we will need two rooms at a value resort. that is the plan right now. One DD will turn 10 while there also. Not sure about using the dinning plan as of yet. the two oldest kids are not the most cooperative about things right now when talking about dinner res. and such. well to be precise the two oldest are boys that will be 22 and 18 at the time with the oldest gf going but she is like it is disney it is all good the two youngest are girls that will be 7 and 9(at check in) so the two oldest boys are saying but we what to do other stuff not what the girls what todo. So there is the problem when it comes to dinner if we use the ddp than I what the most bang for the buck but the boys do not think that way. May just have to make what I want an tell if you do not like it fend for yourselfs not sure. As far a tickets go planning to right now buy 10day park hopper tickets. possibly adding to the my DW, mine and the two girls the water park and more with no exp. so we would have that the next time we go already taken care of if the budget allows.
now here is the most of it I would love to be able to do WL for at least part of the trip or even try to rent DVC point if possible not sure what to expect for a price to do such or how many points it would take to stay at a wilderness lodge villa or say Bay Lake with a two bedroom unitl?
Or would it be best to just get two rooms at a value resort? or even split the stay up and get a couple or so nights at WL towards the end of the trip?
I am the only one that as far as I know really wanting to stay at WL I mean really realy would like to and I am the one going to be working all types of OT to help make this happen. The oldest is the only real sports nut in the whole house an he is trying to push for ASSports because it say sports he thinking basketball, football courts and such which they do not have on site there but can not convince him of that even with ALLears picture tour.
I want to do a POP stay for the value choice but the DW is like how about Sports because the oldest wants it.
the itenary is only this so far:
Checkin 28th
Checkout 7th
with DD bithday on the 29th most likely MK for here birthday.
31st will spend at MK for new years eve.
The wife and two DD are planning to do the tea party sometime while there.
I am wanting to do resort hoping one day to see the other resorts and do some of the out of the way disney offerings.
Oh and we will have our van with us while there.

and help or suggest are very welcomed , wanted and needed.
Thank you


Tell your wife to definitely do the tea party with your girls! I have done it with both of mine, and it was wonderful! As far as adding Water Parks and More to tickets, you will be required to add to everyone that is with your party not just a couple.

Have fun planning! I am ready for another trip myself!:happy:


I wouldn’t bother with adding extras to your parkhoppers. Traditionally, Tyhoon Lagoon is always closed at that time of the year and although you’ll hopefully have nice weather, it won’t be water-park weather.

Old Key West would be the cheapest DVC property to rent - and the suites are the biggest. BLT will definitely be the most expensive.

I also think your wife should definitely do Tea at the GF. It’s a wonderful experience. My daughter and I went in January and loved it.

At 22 and 18, why not rent the boys a room at an All-Stars by themselves - then they won’t be on the DDP with you and can come and go as they please, meeting up with you guys for things you all want to do. It’s not fun to waste money on a WDW vacation if you’re going to race around trying appease everyone. Then nobody’s happy.


Definately do the tea at the GF… My daughter and I went last year and LOVED it!!


That is an excellent idea.


WDW has a calendar and it should say when the water parks are closed and such. But I am leaning towards Typhoon and Blizzard being out of order at that point. Our local water park shuts down in November and reopens in March. (I’m in Southwest Fl btw and much warmer here than in Orlando.) I’d skip the Water Parks & more option with all the tickets and use the money to go to Universal or Islands of Adventure. Which btw those ds’ might love.

I 2nd the idea for the nearly adult boys to be shipped off to ASSports and they can use the bus to get around and meet you. But remember this, being boys they will probably be late anywhere you’re going. Also, it might make things difficult for meeting up anywhere unless you did use your van to swing by to get them. Them being at ASSports, will enable you to probably have a nicer/bigger room at WL or some other such resort. You’ll get the benies of having 2 different rooms at 2 different resorts each w/ a variety of things to offer.

With the 2 rooms at 2 different hotels, it also might nip the DDP issue in the bud. You dont’ have to have the 2 boys on the DDP then. You’re dd turning 10 might make you cringe at the thought of the extra $ but you could always let a ds use her eating credits at the hotel or etc when he is with you. (No one hit me for that, but hey a kids meal is cheaper.) That would depend on if they have you pay for her as an adult the whole time or not. Personally my dd who will be 10 before our trip in June is excited as heck to have an adult plan. She’s a tiny lil thing at 47lbs and 47inches and is DYING (her words) to have something besides chicken tenders. Which I am fine paying the extra bit of money since my other 2 kids will surely help her eat any meal she might have issues with.

Dh wants WL also, but we will always need 2 rooms until our kids move out. So POFQ or POR it is for now. By the time we get to WL it’ll have been remodeled about 3x’s. :rolleyes: