Help for the Creatively Challenged pleeaasee!


Soooo I’m completely creatively challenged- seriously, my stick people can’t even be called people, they’re really just twigs with smiley faces! I convinced my family on our 2nd WDW trip that matching t-shirts weren’t that bad & now they know that arguing about it is a complete waste of time- at least 1 day of the trip we’re going to be a matchy matchy Disney family. Here’s my problem: our last trip was in 2010- we were all in love with Toy Story 3 & thanks to some EXTREMELY talented people on the DISBoards, I was able to make awesome matching Toy Story themed shirts. This year I’m completely stumped… any ideas? I think it’s getting harder as the kids get older ~ they’ll wear the shirts but I’m not trying to traumatize them or anything! DD15, DS9 & DD6… ideas? anyone? anyone?


oohhhh… they have just come out with the cutest stuff in the shops in the stores. They have tied it in with vinylmation… They have made this shirts/backpacks, called Disney Nerds. They are mickeys with HUGE black glass on, and they are positively adorable. My 12 year old just had to have some of it… and it was cute.

What about a different character from TS? Plain old Mickey? Plain old fab 5??? 101 dalmations?


In 2010 we did the whole TS gang on the front “Knighton Family Takes on the World” then on the backs each family member got a TS character-DH was Mr. Potato Head, I was Mrs. PH, DD15 (who has red hair) was Jessie, DS9 was Woody & DD6 (the true Disney Diva) was Barbie. I’m really having a hard time topping that design… I like the idea about something with the Fab 5…


Can’t help you from here. Not a creative bone in the body.

But Wall has a place he creates disney shirts for himself and his family. And LittleMissMagic has made shirt designs for others. Send them a PM.


Oh, I saw the FUNNIEST shirts on this family of 5 last week. There was 1 huge black hidden mickey on a white shirt. Under the black hidden mickey, in red Disney lettering were the kids names, and mom had one on too that said, “Mom”. The Dad was walking with them. His shirt was white, with no hidden mickey on it, and in the same red lettering it said, “I don’t do matching shirts”. If I could have, I would have taken a picture.


I’m trying to picture this - what do you mean by a “hidden mickey”? Obviously I know what a hidden Mickey is, just can’t picture it on a white shirt… Sounds like a very cool idea!