Help I need everyone's opinion, please


Ok we are going in May from the 8 to the 17. Arriving early on the 8 and flight does not leave till 6:55 pm on the 17. So here is my question, should we add a Sea World day or just do WDW. The kids and I did go to SW in November and we loved it. They want to go with Dh too. My Dh said he would like to wait till next year and go and take our time there. I sort of want to do it this trip, but also do not want to take time from the parks or relaxing/swimming! :wacko:

If we go this year it would be only for one day. If we go next year we could spend a couple of days there, it would be when we visit my parents at Easter time or If/when we go to WDW again next year. Thanks :happy:


I would love to go there! I think if you plan it right you can get a lot done in a day.


That is a hard question…Sea World is cool and you can def. do it in one day…but…ugh…take one day from WDW…I don’t know if I could do it. I would have to add a day onto my planned stay if I were gonna go to SW.


Oh, what a decision! :pinch: It seems like most folks I know have only spent one day there, so you may be able to pack in the highlights in a day.

I would sort of be inclined to wait until the next trip so that you can take your time. It seems that when I can take my time I have the most fun! :wink:


Wow we’ll be there at the same time I arrive on the 5th and leave on the 16th. I think you should sneak a Sea World trip in there but if you’ve missed a lot of Disney attractions in the past I would put it off until next year. Last May we did all Disney parks, this year we’re doing US, IOA and Sea World too.


Thanks everyone! Still do not know what we are doing??? I agree you can get it all done in a day but last Nov, the kids wanted to see a couple of the shows and attractions again, which would mean another day. I did look into adding a couple of days on to our trip, but we already have our airfare, so it would be about $138.00 per person just to change our flight :pinch: ( x 4)That is what I get for planning really early.


We have never been to Sea World, but after reading Llama’s trip report, I really want to try it! I say go for it!


Such a tough decision.

We did Sea World many years ago and spent two days, and it was barley enough.

We go to WDW every year and keep extending our trips there every year also.
Guess I would go with spending more time there next year.

Good luck with the decision!


When we do seaworld, about every other trip, we usually only spend one day there. They have an ongoing promotion now though I think where they stamp your ticket and you can come back anytime within 7 days. So if you spent a whole day there and missed something you could come back even if it was for only half a day or an evening to see a show you missed or see favorites again.


It’s a long enough trip that you would have time to do Sea World!


I’m so excitied we added on 3 days we are now going from May 5 to the 17 and the change in the air fare was $240.00 (total) not $552.00, not great but better. So we are going to Sea World for two days and an extra day at WDW!!! :wub:

We decided to add the extra days because we are not sure what our plans are for next year. DH said maybe we will only do one big vacation every other year :sad: Kids need to go to college :pinch: Also because my parents moved to South Carolina and vacation days will be spent visiting them too.

I need to change my countdown!!! :happy: :mickey: :happy:


That IS a really tough call. Personally, I would not want to take away from the parks only because we don’t go to WDW all that much. Our next trip we have in the works, we plan on taking our time at the parks and even just taking a day in the middle and relaxing at the resort to do some swimming and whatever else the resort has to offer (POR) and we will probably wander around DTD. This past year our trip to WDW was so busy-we were out the door at like 8-9am and not back until 11-12 everynight. We were exhausted! We want to enjoy. I love SW, but I would do another time when we could add a couple of more days so it doesn’t fell “rushed”. Good luck with your decision-it is hard! Let us know what you decide!!


LOL I did , in the post before your’s :laugh: I also did not want to take away from our park days. Thank you for your input :flowers:


OOPS! :blush: The ONE time I don’t read a whole thread!


That is ok we have all done this before! :happy: