Help! I need to kickstart my trip planning


I think I am having “planners” block.
We are still over 100 days, but I wanted to start getting things lined up.

We are getting in a bit later than normal (for us) on our first night. By the time we get all setteled at the BW it will be around 6 pm.

We are going to do Spoodles for dinner and hang around the BW area, not wasting a day of park passes.

After that I’m stuck!!
I don’t know what to plan for the next day :confused:

Any suggestions to get my plans kickstarted? Or what would you do?



You could maybe find out which park opens early for EMH that day, and get there at opening. Than when the park starts to fill up late morning, hop to another park that opened at the regulare time.


Maybe it’s just me. but I gotta go to MK to start the vacation. Something about Main Street sand th Castle is so cool. Start there - maybe breakfast at CP?


I always start at the MK too! To start planning mode, look at the calenders to check out the parks hours and EMH schedules then go from there! Its a good idea to visit a park the morning after PM EMHs as hopefully everyone else is still in bed! (Of course you have to be a morning person to take advantage of this!)

We also like to go to AM EMHs then hop to another park when it starts to get busy.


Hey Buzz, I just noticed that I’m going to beat you there by 30 minutes!

MGM is having EMHs Sat AM! EPCOT is having PM EMHs Fri in case your interested.


How about hitting Chef Mickey’s at say 7:45am or so, seeing as your so close, then off to the rope drop at MK, then run like the wind and ride Buzz over and over and over and over.:smile:


I don’t know Buzz, maybe your ‘block’ is really telling you just to go with the flow. This happened with us a few years ago. I went from having the big schedule to just having a small list of things to do. With that smaller list, we’re tons more relaxed and flexible. If we’re up for it, we do what ingamba said (EMH then park hop)… but if we’re not, we don’t push it anymore.



“Trust in the force Luke, errr Buzz” Look over a planning guide and your heart will tell you which way to go.


I think you hit the nail on the head. Being our 5th trip in a row I am finding it very hard to plan for some reason. I would have an easy time of just going with the flow this year…
We are traveling with another family, that has left all the planning up to me so I really feel the need to com up with a plan.


Thanks to everyone else also!!!
These are some great ideas and have helped me a great deal already.

Looks like my plan has a direction…

Please keep the suggestions coming !!

Maybe I’ll get my whole trip planned out from this one thread!


Thanks for the info.
Since I’ll be there just ahead of you I’ll let thme know you are coming.

Heres to a great week for both of us!!


BUT We are traveling with another family, that has left all the planning up to me so I really feel the need to com up with a plan.

Ah! That changes everything. You’re right, if we had other people relying on us, I’d have to revert back to full planning mode.

Has the other family been to WDW before?



They were there only once, and didn’t see much.
I really want to show them a good time.


I like to start off at MGM, but that’s just me. Nothing like riding RnR first thing. You should take a family vote for first day and go from there. Just pick the park you want to do and maybe plan a few ADR’s (look I finally didn’t say PS) around the park you pick and then go with the flow. nothing wrong with a few planned meals here and there. The rest you can take as it comes. I am going to have some serious planning withdraw for my upcoming. We are planning to eat many meals in the villa and the kids will more or less go and come at random, so planning meals are going to be impossible. I need someone’s trip to plan to death Buzz, so if you want some extra help ask me…please ask me…please…lololol


Dana said:

You should take a family vote for first day and go from there.

I think that’s a great idea… especially if the other family is involved as well.

If little kids are involved anywhere, sometimes it’s better to hold off on MK…as nothing else usually measures up to the original.



Here, Buzz,

Now, you’ve got a kick start. Go from there.