Help! I'm having trouble getting there!


I can’t get my passholder page to load on - is anyone else having problems?

Am I doing it right?

I enter the numbers on the back, but it says it’s not right.

ANyone have any specific instructions for a blonde girl who gets lost easily?


I was really shocked to see you were having trouble getting somewhere again… :eek:

Sorry, but I’m not fortunate enough to live close enough to WDW to justify an annual pass… :crying:


hit the help button :eek:


ROFL, thanks, FA! HAHA!

Dew Drop: Shut it. :wub:


What do you want me to shut? The passholder page? Wouldn’t you have to open it before I could “shut it?” :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


Your mouth.
SHut it.


Now that’s just silly…cause even with my mouth shut, I can still type. :biggrin:

Besides, you should know me better by now. When have I ever had my mouth closed? :wink:


YW :wub: :tongue:


I can’t recall any time, EVER, Dew Drop.




LOL! ooooh Dewey and Erin y’all are so silly :tongue:

Erin I’m so jealous! I’ve always wanted to be able to access that special page on the WDW site pout


Erin, did ya ever get it to work?


No, apparently I am a loser.


Is that because I’ve never done it, or because you have a terrible memory? :tongue:


I have always wanted to, too, and now that I CAN, I CANT! :crying:

As soon as I do, I’ll totally let you in!


Oh goodness. I saw the title of this thread and I thought…“Here we go again…”


OMG ERIN!! You need to screen cap the pages, and post them here. That way those of us who are less fortunate, can feel like we’re special!

If you ever get in :glare: …


If I was computer literate and had ANY idea what “screen cap” meant I’d give you all a peek!


Screen cap = alt+ print screen. It captures whatever is on your screen as an image. Then you click paste in an image program, resize, and save. Then post!


Kip makes me feel so smart!!!


Yeah, people like it when my smartness rubs off on them. :tongue:

So it um… looks… just like the Disney site. :huh: I was hoping for some sparkles. :sad: