Help me convince DisneyFreak78


As many of you know, myself and my bestest friend (DisneyFreak78) are going on the 11 Night Southern Carribean Disney Cruise in September. We are comong up on the time when we can book excursions and we have decided to split the islands up. I plan three and she plans three. I have Castaway Cay, St. Thomas and St. Lucia. We have both agreed on my suggestions for Castaway Cay and St. Thomas. I have it down to two for St. Lucia. The one I really wanna do:
Rainforest Canopy Adventure
Soar high in the sky! Sit back and relax during a 50-minute drive to Errard Estate where you can explore the unspoiled natural surroundings on foot or via a high-flying zipline at a height of 43 feet! Feel the wind in your hair as you soar for 90 minutes in this unforgettable adventure. Afterward, enjoy 20 minutes of refreshments before your 50-minute return to the ship.

and then my back up:
Island Delight
Surrender to the charms of the island on a 6-hour driving tour along the west coast of St. Lucia. Voyage to the “world’s only drive-in volcano,” Sulphur Springs, before traveling to the Diamond Botanical Gardens, Waterfall and Mineral Baths for a delightful 40-minute stop. Afterward, break for refreshments at The Still Beach Front for 30 minutes, before a 70-minute-ride to Marigot Bay and a 25-minute ride back to the ship.

She’s iffy on the Zipline part but I think she’s about to break! Help me convince her that the Zipline seems like waaaaaay more fun! She reads DC everyday so I know she’ll see this!

:wub: Vern…You love me!


Ooohhh! Zipline! Zipline! Zipline! That sounds like sooo much fun! And it’s a chance of a lifetime, how often do you have an opportunity like that?

If she won’t go, I will! :tongue:


Me too please. If she doesn’t want to do it, throw her off the cruise and take me…lol :eek: :wink: GO for it!! Seriously. It sounds like SO much fun!!!


Oh my goodness Sara you are too funny. :laugh: I laughed :laugh: for a good 5 minutes before I could post to this. And you’re right I really do love you. :heart:

Sara decided to harrass me while I was in the mall trying on bras (like everyone really needed to know what but I was in the dressing room so she had perfect timing) and she tells to to check Disney Central when I get home.

So I check in and wham there is a whole thread dedicated to me :redface: , little (and I am getting little, this will be explained in another paragraph) ol me.

Sara has also been hinting and slipping the Zipline in during several converstaions “oh by the way”. And I am a little afraid :pinch: of heights but apparantely that’s really no reason not to do it. And I’ve been a little overweight for the past oh 20 years of my life (I’m 27) so sometimes that comes into play that there is a weight limit. Well I have finally decided to do something about this weight thing and have hit a lot of my goals this year (I hit one over the weekend so I’ve been sharing with anyone and everyone who will listen). So now that I’ve digressed back to the story at hand. So Sara calls me today “Hey yeah so I checked into the Zipline thing and the weight limit is 300 pounds so you can go…” Darn :wacko: that excuse is no longer feasable.

So she really is working hard at it and gets a lot of credit for that and she’s right I am close to a breaking point. But I would like to see what everyone else has to say out her, other than kick her off the cruise :angry:

So lets see everyone post away.


Alright you guys - Listen up!!! We were in St. Lucia for our honeymoon 8 years ago. The sulfer springs Volcano thing wasn’t what we thought - At ALL!!! It is absolutely possible that your excursion will be different but here is what ours consisted of (and it was quite pricey so we excpected a little more): Our group took a vehicle to the rain forrest and proceeded to walk for a LONG time. Then when we finally got to the volcano the sulfur smell was :blow: :blow: :blow: It was horrible. The springs were’t really that big or anything exciting. The volcano walk-through thing was very boring and then we had lunch at a place called Le Villa de Piton and I think my husband ate a dog. :blow: :blow: We did have a lot of fun making fun of everything on this excursion and the scenery was to die for - St. Lucia is incredibly amazingly beautiful. Just wanted to share…we also did a boat trip which consisted of snorkling and drinking :angel: which was a BLAST! Since you are asking I vote for the zip line - I would love to do that! Whatever you do it will be an unforgettable experience - I really hope to get back to St. Lucia someday - it was the vacation of a lifetime for us! Have fun you two! :wub:


Try the Zipline!!! Make conquering your fear of heights the newest goal!! Then you can come back and tell us all about it!!!


We were in St. Lucia in November - it’s incredibly beautiful - BUT the excursion to the Sulphur Springs was not good. - exactly what Alicefan said. We took a catamaran sail and swim and it was lots of fun, but I got the world’s worst sunburn - So, I’d go with the Zipline! (Be warned - the mountains of St. Lucia are VERY high). :eek:


Thanks for the tip on the mountains. :eek:

See Sara I’ve got someone adding fuel to my fire. :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

I’m cracking myself up over here.


Do the zip line!!! I am afraid of heights, too, but I’d go for it. Seriously, think of the bragging rights you’ll have for the rest of your life :happy:

“Grandma, tell us about the zip line!”

“Well kiddies, once upon a time, in beautiful land far away I got to soar through the tree tops with my best friend in the whole world…”


(Btw, Hoops and Yoyo need to zip line too :wink: )


Think of Hoops and Yoyo Vern! They want to go on the zipline! That’s 3 votes to 1! We win. :laugh:


Hoops and Yoyo and Vern would be cool. They could be my protectors from evil scardy cats syndrome. :laugh:


I think she’s about to break everyone! :biggrin:


Zip line! Zip line! Zip line!

(Repeat it a few times in the same voice you’d use for Toga! Toga! Toga!)

That’s an experience you want to have!


Zip line! Zip line! Zip line!