Help me decide fast please! BWV for 10 days... OR


OK, In a couple days I can make my August reservation for Boardwalk Villas. Please help me decide.

Here are the scenarios…

  1. Take 7 nights at the Boardwalk Villas in August '06, THEN a short FOUR night stay at OKW in early November '06, then go again in August '07 for 7 nights at OKW.


  1. Take a FULL 10 days at the Boardwalk Villas in August '06, then not go again until August 2007 and take 8 days at ANY DVC resort.

I need to decide like by Wednesday. hehe

Thank you!!!


I would vote for #1 without hesitation. The more trips, the better.


#1!!! More trips to WDW=:laugh: :mickey: :biggrin:


I just realized if I do the short Nov. trip too it will be during the Food & Wine Festival.

Nobody thinks it would be better to forgoe the short Nov. trip and make the August '06 one EXTRA long? I haven’t stayed in Disney for more than 7 days in a row since we had the RV in Fort Wilderness. 10 days at Boardwalk sounds REALLY tempting to me!!!

Then again, a nice November visit for food & wine would be nice too!!!

Yikes, don’t know.


Hmmm…now I’m not sure…it would be great to have a longer trip so that you have time to take your time…aaargghhh…What a great problem to have! :slight_smile:


I like #1. I’m all for the idea of a bunch of short vacations, rather than one really long one (and having to wait forever to go back).


I like option one.


HELLO! You don’t even have to ask! VISIT ME TWICE!!! oh…aheam…I mean…visit Disney World twice :blush: tee hee