Help me decide on a DTD restaurant


I would love some recommendations for DTD other than RFC, cause we are eating at the AK one . We are doing Earl of Sandwich for lunch. Suggestions adn reasons why would be wonderful!! Thanks all !


Fulton’s was nice if you like Seafood and Planet Hollywood is fun, food is OK. I have heard that Bongo’s is nice. I’m sure most of the food may be Latin cuisine. I have been in there for a drink, the place is beautiful.



We’re trying Raglan Road this trip. While I was making my ADRs yesterday the CM told me it was one of his favourites.


We went to Raglan Road on our last trip and we really enjoyed it.


Here are the restaurants that I have eaten at and where I would rank them

Portbello Yacht Club
House of Blues

This starts the ones that I am not overly thrilled with
Fulton Crab House (There are some okay things on the menu but you have to be careful)

Capt Jack (I only go here for the atmosphere, I like to be able to see all of the lake activity)

Bongo’s (Won’t go back)


When Raglan road opened, we couldn’t wait to eat there. We’re 200 percent Irish and love Irish restaurants/pubs. I see by the way you spell “favourites” that your’re from the other side of the pond. Bowing to the fact that you’re probably more versed in these kinds of restaurants, I still have to say that we were a little disappointed in Raglan Road. We thought the food was way beyond any real Irish restaurants at which we’ve eaten.
My gramma’s and my ma’s Irish cooking wasn’t much like the phoo-phoo stuff on Raglan’s menu. The atmosphere is OK, but it was all-in-all a bit fancy for our tastes. Also, our server was an idiot - too slow. She dropped one of our water glasses and sent peices of glass flying all over the place, all over us and our table and the floor around us. We were picking glass off the carpet, etc. the rest of the time there, as were the folks at the table next to us. Not once did anyone apologize, check to see if we were OK and of course, NO monetary compensation was discussed (heck no, this is WDW)…

I would go to Planet Hollywood. It’s our favorite DTD restaurant. we like the atmosphere, it’s fun and the food is always very good. I always get the shrimp sandwich (yum). And the strawberry shortcake dessert is fab.


Last time I checked, I was definitely on THIS side of the pond - just north of the 49th Parallel.:whistling Canadians use “English” spelling too.

I’ve only got a bit of Irish in me, so my expectations aren’t going to be rigid. And I guess getting a good server is a roll of the dice anywhere you go. I don’t mind a little “fancy” - so I think we’ll still give it a go. Anywhere my dd can get bangers and mash, she’ll be happy. We’ve done Planet Hollywood - we enjoyed it, but want to try new places this trip - and we’re planning an evening at the Adventurer’s Club, so we’ll be nice and close.


we always love the Rainforest cafe but sometimes we save that for when we are at AK. Earl of Sandwich is fantastic and a great place to lunch. I have heard good things about Fultons also and this is somewhere that we would definately like to try ourselves


Thanks all ,so far we are still undecided.


I say avoid Planet Hollywood.


I actually had an excellent cheeseburger at PH - which surprised me cause I went not expecting to be impressed. AND they let me have mashed potatoes instead of fries. But the NOISE! I guess I’m getting old, but I don’t enjoy screaming to be heard during dinner. We went once, thought it fine, but won’t go back again.


Definately the House of Blues. You cannot make an ADR there though. We love it there. The CM’s are very nice and the food is cajun yummy! We always make a point of eating there and then head over to DQ for the rest of the night.


We ate dinner at Fulton’s last year (when it was on the dining plan) and loved it so much we had a very late lunch there this year (not on the dining plan this time). Best crab cakes and king crab claws we ever had!


Wolfgang Pucks… House of Blues… both good.


[QUOTE=llama]Last time I checked, I was definitely on THIS side of the pond - just north of the 49th Parallel.:whistling Canadians use “English” spelling too. QUOTE]

Well, no dote a-bote it, I’m sore-ee, eh?


I have to agree - we never had a good meal here.

We absolutely love House of Blues. It’s not on the meal plan but it is worth a try - really tasty!


I haven’t tried it myself, but I have heard great things about Portabella Yacht Club and the menu looks so yummy. I also like Fultons Crab House.


Are you mocking my Canajun accent?:laugh: HUH?



Watch out for those CAJUN Candians! (They can’t spell.)



I don’t know any CANDIANS. Do they live in Candyland? AND Cajuns CAME from Canada - yes, if you want a history lesson, just ask.:closedeye