Help me decide which to go to!


We can’t decide - lunch or dinner at CRT. Which have you been to? Did you pay OOP or DDP? Did you enjoy it?


I’ve only been for breakfast. And I did it when it was still one instead off the DDP. Actually it was the last week before they changed it to 2.

I really can’t be much help in trying to decide between lunch or dinner, since I’ve never eaten there for either. As far as deciding between OOP or DDP, I guess that would all depend on your budget.

I will say that if you’ve never been to CRT you should go at least once, despite the steep prices. It’s truly an unforgettable experience.


Go to and check out the lunch menu before you decide. I think the breakfast is great for kids (and it has stuff that they can “share” off your plate if they’re under 2).

The lunch menu, otoh, strikes me as not particularly kid-friendly (either the kids menu itself or the adult menu for under-2-sharing).

We couldn’t get a morning reservation so we’re doing lunch. It looks like the kiddies will be enjoying $24 chicken fingers.


We have been there for breakfast and dinner (before they raised the prices.) We were not thrilled with dinner at all. We did enjoy breakfast there though. If you had to choose between breakfast and lunch, think about which one will work into your schedule better. As for paying out of pocket or using the DDP credits, I have no suggestions. Like I said, we were there before they raised the price.


We ate breakfast there in 2002, if we weren’t on a plan I’m not sure I would have gone. I have to have my omlets, and face actors creep me out. We ate dinner there this past October, but again this was before they changed to the dinner package. I wouldn’t go as it is now. The prime rib and the salmon were good, but for $40 or 2 table meals, go to Flying Fish or Narccoossee’s instead. Give me more food, not “free” pictures.


I think I would only go to CRT if I were using DDP credits. The prices just terrify me, because I know the portions can’t be THAT huge or the food THAT good! :noo:


Having only boys, I was never excited about going to see the princesses, even though I did get to go once with a friend and her daughters.

We’ve eaten dinner there a couple of times and thought the food and service was very good. You still get the experience of eating in the castle and being treated special without the hype and price of the princess meal.


Been to both Dinner and Breakfast here and I have to say that Dinner is not as good as the Breakfast ( IMO). I just don’t think you get a decent amount of choice on the dinner menu for the $$$ you have to spend~ and we seemed to get more food at the Breakfast sitting. ( aswell as the Princeses for our DD ).

Although I do have to admit that this would never stop me from eating here again for dinner. The food is well cooked and the ambiance fab. Esp if you get a table somewhere in the middle of ‘wishes’ as the music etc is played inside the castle and if you are lucky enough to get a window seat, you can watch the firework display from inside there also.

I would say that if it is just a couple wanting to dine or a family with older children or just boys then stick to the eve meal. If, you have young children and girls in the party then Breakfast would be the one to go for.



I would pick lunch there are more Princesses and more options for food.