Help me decide


Okay…I need some help deciding where we should eat on our last day during our next visit. We are unsure if we are going to park hop in the morning (you know, we have to see if we missed anything :laugh: :rolleyes: ) but I know we are defintely going to MGM late afternoon/evening.

I don’t want to use 2 TS (We are on the dining plan), so Brown Derby is out and we were just so-so :mellow: about Hollywood & VIne the last time. Any suggestions where in MGM or should we go somewhere before we get to MGM?

Help me decide! Our future meal is in your hands!:laugh:


Do you want breakfast, lunch or dinner or are you open to anything? Where are your other ADRs?


What are the ages of your kids?

Sci-Fi is the only place my 6yr old asked for as a return visit.


I guess that would have helped, huh?:blush: :laugh:
We are looking for late lunch/early dinner combo. Guess it depends on where and when we can get an ADR once we decide.

We already have ADR’s at O’hana, Le Cellier, Biergarten, and Whispering Canyon. We have one left for the last day and would like to try something new… we are pretty open to suggestions.


Rose and Crown can be good if you get an outside table (which shouldn’t be a problem at that time). You could also try Beaches and Cream or the Cape May Cafe Clambake at the Beach Club. Another with spotty quality–but when it’s good it’s great–is Chefs de France.


I’ve read a lot of not so good reviews about both Sci Fi and 50’s PrimeTime but we’ve been to both several times and really like both. I don’t expect 5 star dining and try to stick to basic things like sandwiches and burgers. Both places have an atmosphere your don’t get at home so we like to go for that as much as anything. If you know you are going to be at MGM for sure that day you can make a late afternoon ADR and not have to worry about where you decide to spend the morning.

We’ve been to Hollywood and Vine and really liked it but I’ve heard that some of the better dishes are not on the buffet as of the last couple of months. I will still try it again but I’m not sure I’m in a hurry to go back.


You can have dinner at Spoodles on the Boardwalk and take the water taxi to MGM! Spoodles is our traditional last night meal. We :heart: it!!


Okay…great suggestions! We unfortunately did not have that great of a meal at Rose & Crown last time we went:frown: but had a fantastic view for illuminations:biggrin: So I know DH won’t go for that, but I’ll mention the others…just love to hear all the suggestions/opinions from all of you experts out there!:smile:
Keep them coming!


What about Mama Melroses? In MGM? That has received good reviews!


Mama Melrosa is actually our favorite place to eat at Disney!!! You can even do a dinner show with them. After dinner, they take you to see Fantasmic and you get special seating! If you go during the week, ask for Kevin, he is their most requested server. It’s in the back nest to Pizza Planet at the Disney Studios.

PS: You have to call ahead to do the dinner and show. It would probably be best if you called ahead anyway!


I was considering Mama Melrose, but DH says we eat italian all the time and wanted to try something different. Seems like theres no pleasing all of us at the same time!:laugh:

You should see us at home trying to figure out whats for dinner…its worse!:blush: :laugh:


You’ve gotta try the Sci-Fi! It’s a blast! Just remember to smile and joke with your server, or you will get a ticket! Oh, and don’t forget to ask for your special “driver’s license”!:cool:


I was going to suggest Mama Melrose, but then I read your last post so that is out. Our traditional last meal is always Chef Mickeys for the first dinner seating. That way it isn’t too crowded and we get a lot of character interaction. Then, we can hit the parks for a little while before the day is over. We always have alot of fun there.


I know you’re going to go over to DS, but we like to eat at LTT in the MK. It’s down-home comfort food after days of rich food. You may not can work it in from DS, though.


I agree. Try Spoodles!

If you go to 50’s PT, avoid the shrimp cocktail. Not fresh at all!


What is the special “driver’s License”? I have never ate at the Sci-Fi?


How is Sci-Fi? I’ve heard mixed reviews…looks like fun.


I loved the atmosphere and I am just not picky on food. We had a great time there. I could not even tell you what I ate, just that we had fun.


If you want to stay at MGM my vote would be Sci-Fi. The food is great the servers are wonderful and something everyone should try at least once. 50’s PrimeTime was great fun too but Scf-Fi is my first choice. If you want to leave the park. Spoodles!