Help me Decipher my Trip voucher


I was just looking over my MYW Base, Hopper Water Park voucher and i wasn’t sure of something. I’m going to type it here and maybe someone will have a better idea than me.

of days: 08 Arrival Date: 14 SEP 07.

Present this voucher at check-in to recieve your Disney Magic Your Way Premium 1 ticket. Good for unlimited adm to the 4 theme parks, 2-5 adm into the water parks, Pleasure Island, DisneyQuest and more for the days purchased.

Ok, so i understand the 8 day hopper, but what’s the 2-5 days admission into everything else? Does that mean i have up to 5 days total to use on all of these places or 2-5 days for each one? If we go to DisneyQuest the first 5 days of our trip we can’t do any water parks or Pleasure Island? It sounds like we have a max of 5 days to spread out on all of these attractions, but i want to be 100% sure. I can see going to Pleasure Island 3-4 days and the water parks definately a few.

…and what about the " and more" part? Is there something else these hopper passes could be used for?



I think you can go to either water park, DQ, or Wide World of Sports five times with the 8 day park hopper w/water fun. You have to choose what things you want to go to for those five visits.


The “And More” part is waterparks and more, which means waterparks, Disney Quest, and Pleasure Island. As I recall (I have an AP, sorry) each time you enter a waterpark counts as one use of your pool of 5. If you choose to go to Typhoon Lagoon in the morning, Disney Quest in the afternoon, and Pleasure Island all on the same day, that would be 3 of 5 used. In practice, it’s very unlikely that you’ll spend this much time away from the parks on any one day.

Here’s something that might help.
WDW Ticket FAQ
It’s a ticket FAQ that talks about ticket types and the Waterparks and More option.


On our trip we only used two water park options and one DQ. The parks definitely keep you busy and the water parks really tire you out. (I would recommend doing them in the morning for a couple of hours…take a break and then head to the parks late afternoon).
My son who is watching me post, suggested you go to TL early and hit the crush n’ gusher first.


Your son’s not wrong, but overall I think I like Blizzard Beach better. That said,
posters here who have been around for a while know I like coasters, and Crush n Gusher is a version of a coaster, so, I’m there. Also, there are really three different slides, not just the one.


Do you have length-of-stay passes, or do those premium passes have the no expiration option? If they are non-expiring, any unused “extra” days can be used later, jsut like any unused park days. We have four passes left over from a past trip, and they each still have an “extra” visit to a water park on them.


Thanks for the help and clarification SG…

and MissDisney… they are length of stay passes. They turn into a pumpkin on our last night :laugh:


Oh well! Well, that just means you need to pack a lot of fun into your stay!!! I would be very happy to fly down and help you all!!! :laugh:


I didn’t think there was a such thing as “length of stay pass” anymore. I thought you just bought however many days you want to use. I don’t know anything about the Waterparks and More stuff. We aren’t getting those add-ons on our tickets.


Dont you get 1 per day if she is staying 8 days that should be 8 of those items…Correct?


By length of stay, it’s now meant, expires 14 days last use. However, as an option you can make them into non expiring tickets for an additonal charge. Even park hopping is an additional charge.