Help me figure this out


I need help trying to figure something out.

We may not be able to go to WDW in november since my DH recently got a promotion. :happy::happy::happy::happy::happy:
We borrowed a few points from 2010 for our reservation for November. If we cancel the reservation will those points be returned to 2010 use year?

Thanks! :happy:


Nope, they say in your current use year, it’s the downside of borrowing points.

I had to borrow 50 points for our July trip so I’m going to be stuck if something comes up. I’ll have time to rent them but I can’t bank them.


Thanks DT!! It looks like we may be in the same boat and I’ll be renting mine if we don’t go too…


dang thats a bummer! congratulations on his promotion though!!!


Thanks! We don’t know for sure yet (about canceling our november trip), but I wanted to ask just in case.