Help me make sure I don't miss anything


I’ve been on quite a few trips to WDW but they regrettably are always a few years apart. Last trip was Dec 2003 and we are now in final prep stage for our next one which is next week, woo hoo!!! I’ve got a few questions if someone can help me answer them I’d appreciate it.

  1. This is our first time going to the MNSSHP, I’ve heard that there’s a pin available that is specific for this and only available to those who go. Is this true, where do you get it? Any other tips/ideas for us? My little girl will be dressed up as Tinkerbell and the rest of us will be dressed as tired tourists, ha ha.

  2. I know they have the resort refillable mugs and my wonderful brother in law even brought me one after his trip last month. I can use that at any resort correct? Other rules for their use I should know about?

  3. I thought a long time ago I read on another website something special about the bakery at MK on Main Street. It was something about getting there early to get the cookies as they sell out or you can help decorate them? Anyone know what I’m talking about or do I just like dreaming about cookies and WDW at the same time??

Last question (I think) we’ve got an ADR for Boma and we’ve got time between the closing of AK to our reservation. We’re for sure going to explore the AKL during this time but is there anything that is a must see or don’t miss while we’re on our exploration?

Thank you all in advance for your help and if you’ve got anymore tips/ideas please share them.


Hi, and welcome to MB! So glad to hear that you are getting ready to go on another trip to the World!

About the only thing I know about is the mugs. I know that each resort has their own, so I would think that you would have to use that resort’s mug at that resort. Then again, I don’t know how well Disney actually moderates this as I think I saw someone use a POR mug at POP in Feb.!

Anyways, have a great time, no matter what you decide to do!


Manda panda the mugs are all the same now …

1 ) you can get the pins I believe at expedition hall Yes they are special pins for the event .
2 ) they now have the same mug at every resort not specific ones so they probably will be able to use them at any resort.
3 Mainstreet bakery is awesome I am not sure about decorating cookies but they do have cookies and the best cinnamon buns there …the cinnamon buns are so big dh and I share it …
4) the must see at AKL is definately the Animals outside they are awesome to look at .


Have a great time!! MNSSHP is so fun - the parade, fireworks and castle show are not to be missed!! look for snow white and all seven dwarfs outside of the dumbo ride!! The pin is available in the gift shop near Pecos Bills - there are several pins for mnsshp - some are released each day or so of the party - you can buy previously released pins (if there are still some available) but can’t buy the ones not yet released.

Be sure to go to the food and wine festival at epcot!! yum!! there are pins for that too - the boxed set pins are awesome, but there is at least one single pin i think too!

the actual rule for the mug, to my understanding, is it is for use at the resort you purchase it, for the length of that particular vacation. now, having said that, i did see a lot of people using old mugs and mugs from other resorts while at POP last month. no cm’s even seemed to bat an eye about it.

mainstreet bakery - mmm…even walking by and smelling it is wonderful!!

akl - definitely get there early, go ahead and check in at boma, you may not get in any earlier, but worth the try…plus we had to wait quite a bit after our adr time, so we had extra time to wander.

Hope you have a great trip! take lots of pictures and do a trip report when you get back!!

and…welcome to mousebuzz!!


We had so much fun at the MNNSHP that I ended up buying a ticket for another evening while we were there.

You might get a family photo too.


Thank you all for the advice…now what about photopass? Any thing I need to know about that? I’m sure my parents will want to buy all the pics as this is my daughters first trip to WDW.


Photopass is a must for me…Well worth the money. My advice would be to take advantage of every photopass photograher you see in order to get as many photos on your cd as possible. Have a blast!!!


if you can prebuy the cd, you may get a discount (not sure if that promotion is still going on) - there was a thread that packerbeth started ( i think it was her) in the mousetrap section here on mousebuzz that has the link. or try going to the photopass website.

Try to find lots of photopass photographers - get your money out of that cd if you go that route! i ended up with 360 pictures on my cd (they had to put it on 2 cd’s), for about $90! Great deal for me - as there were lots of pics that I wouldnt have otherwise, of all 4 of us! It’s nice to get pics with everyone in them! plus, its fun to add those extras (like borders, signatures) to the pictures!


Photopass is worth every penny! Buy it in advance and be sure to get the picture at epcot with the ball lite up at night! We ended up with the best pictures of our group in WS in Epcot. Really nice shots!