Help me out here


Is this a no brainer? I get dizzy when I have to count this high. We have two confirmed trips awaiting us, with a probable one more before we take it easy for a while. We have eight days in July, fourteen in December and a seven-ten day in June "07. Thats between 29-32 days. I would be better off getting PAP’s huh? I don’t see how anyother combination of tickets being any cheaper. All you Math wizards out there see any other way? Thank you kindly!


The AP is definitely the best deal for you, I think. Congrats on being able to take all those trips. I am dripping green with envy.


Certainly sounds like the way to go! How wonderful to have so many plans!


Wow - Franco! That’s awesome! Lotsa trips!!

PAPs for you!! :c)


I agree with erin. Grap the premium ap. You can do the water parks etc with that one. With multiple, long trips scheduled, you will definately be able to do some waer parking! Congrats…I am jealous too, but very happy for you and yours.


Yep, I think it is. With the number of days you have planned I think PAP’s are your best deal.


I would go for PAP’s too,Franco.


I think so too, but the dinning plan may be a consideration. Can AP holders add it yet?


Nope, not yet. But even so with that many trips planned I would think the greater savings would still be in the tickets.


Without a doubt AP is the way to go. I wish I could take that many trips.


Franco, they should be giving you the PAP just for going so many days!


I agree with everyone else, PAP! :mickey:


Diddo here on the PAP’s. They won’t be making any money off of you in the way of tickets. Do you need a tour guide or bag holder? I am available…ha ha ha. Wish I was you!!!


Not so fast hiner. I already signed on as nanny/bag handler/ guide/ packing slave etc…hey anything for a couple more trips. All that work for me…you could come as my assistant…lol


Totally green!!!

Def get the PAPs!


Let me clarify something folks, sometimes in the wee small hours of the morning some of those pills the VA gives me makes me kind of a dope!!! I should not come off as some kind of jerk saying we are doing this and we are doing that, blah, blah ,blah! Our third trip is still up in the air, I am counting on it only if we do get the PAP’s. And then, I have to deal with “THE BOSS FROM BRAZIL” one hundred pounds of pure fury!!! So, you guys go right ahead and throw stuff at me if you wish, I will watch my manners more carefully!! :sad:


Ahhh Franco, you’re not a jerk. I think we all got really excited for you. How exciting to plan possibly 3 trips. If you can’t share that with us Disney Central Nuts, who can you share it with? Come on now, people on the “outside” of DC really don’t understand our passions with Disney!! Please, don’t stop the sharing!!!


I would love to join as your assistant, it would be my honor learning from such an experienced veteran like yourself. Thought I would try to sneak my way in since we are not going this year:)


Only excitement here for you! Three trips in the planning is so exciting! (By the way, I have three trips in the works, just not in my counter yet!) :mickey: