Help me pick a World Showcase restaurant


We’d like to try somewhere different around the World Showcase for a nice table service meal, but aren’t sure where.

I’d love to hear everyones opinion on a place we haven’t tried yet.

Here is where we have been before;

Le Chefs De France
Rose & Crown



Honestly, we really like Biergarten! It’s themed really, really well inside. Totally cool! And they serve pretzel rolls that are incredible, as well as a salad table, meats, veggies, desserts, beer, etc. And you sit at long tables, where you might meet another family, which we enjoy as well!

The food is delicious, they share recipes, and kids really like the food, too.

Also, at popular times, there is entertainment. I think you will enjoy adding this to your list of places you have enjoyed!


This will be especially cool in December


I have been to Biergarten…it was a nice meal. I just don’t like sharing a table with people I don’t know. I’m weird that way…lol I really want to try the Mexican place inside the pyramid, but can’t convince my DD, so try that one for me will you?:tongue:


With two picky kids we end up eating at the American hamburger place. But we have tried Rose & Crown and Mexico place once. I would suggest the Mexico place because of the awesome atmosphere.

As our kids get older we are planning to try more exotic places…like CANADA!!!


Sara and I end up there a lot too…we can never agree on anything excpet LEcellier and the American place. Exotic = Canada…you go on with your crazy self.:biggrin:


Marrakesh is wonderfu - the best service we’ve had in WDW and excellent food.

Opinions only - Your mileage may vary…


OK, I admit it… I am scared to try Marrakesh… :blush:


fish and chips with a little stongbow can’t go wrong.


You shouldn’t be. It’s a great place. I was going to recommend it to Buzz but Elmo beat me to it. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: I’ve never had a bad meal at Marrakesh. And the service is excellent.


The Biergarten is very good. It has a fun atmoshere and the food is pretty tasty too.


To add to Rlander’s Post we have also eaten at Cantina San Angel CS. That is pretty good. We are eating at LeCellier for the first time in May.


I would go to Biergarten. They make the best macaroni and cheese on Disney property.


We love the Biergarten as well. It is a must do for us.


Scared of chicken? :wacko: :wink:

Seriously though - I had my concerns, but two things changed: 1) we needed to eat & 2) it was the only place with an open reservation. Now we try to eat there every trip. Check out the menu online. There really is something for everyone. The kids love it too - and they refuse to eat off the kids menu. I think it is one of the few remaining hidden gems.


We like San Angel Inn. It’s a little dark in there, so we aren’t quite sure what all we were eating, but it was VERY yummy!! :biggrin:


The transformation of Teppan Edo is just wonderful. It was my favourite meal of my last trip. I’d highly recommend that one.


There’s the new Italian Restaurant. Haven’t heard too much about it yet…

Marrakesh isn’t scary at all. The food is all recognizable and the desserts are yummy - so are the waiters.:whistling And the mint tea is heavenly.

Biergarten has wonderful food - but I wouldn’t go with less than 4 people. That way, if you have loser table-mates, you still have your own party to talk to. (and we always seem to get the losers.:wacko: )


Very true. We ate at the Sushi and Tempura Restaurant and it was wonderful!


Well, no one has yet recommended Akershus yet. We ate there several years ago for dinner and I loved it. The have a koldbordt (I think that is how it is spelled)-sort of like a salad bar on steroids. Lots of fish, shrimp, meat and yummy cheeses and breads. For my meal, I had a chicken breast with some kind of berry sauce (lingonberries, raspberries?) on a bed of wild rice. It was really good. Of course, they have the usual for the kids-chicken tenders…
I think it is worth a try!