Help me plan a surprise!


I was going to do the Segway tour at Epcot as a surprise for my family BUT-- my two youngest are not old enough to do them. So I need ideas for something else great! Fun! I want to plan it all and just take them there when its time! Any ideas?


Heard many good things about the fireworks cruises - never done it myself, but others here have and have loved it!


I like the fireworks cruise idea. I am doing one for the first time in January. It’s under $300 and something the whole family can enjoy together.


We did one years ago-- that might be good!


La Nouba. I surprised my family last year. They all loved it.


Maybe do the Illuminations one this time and switch it up?


Another vote for La Nouba. Go with the middle tier seats. They are all just as good and the highest tier.


Do your kids like nature? There is horseback riding at Ft. Wilderness. Very laid back and we saw a lot of animals while on the trails. We went at the 8am slot, to which there was no one else, so we had the trails and guides all to ourselves to ask questions and talk Disney. The guide said the 10am is the crowded one.


Both la nouba and horseback riding are great ideas!! Checking into all three things!! Thanks


La Nouba is great, just very expensive. That place is rolling in the dough.

I like the fireworks cruise idea. That one would be a fantastic and private experience where everyone could talk and enjoy each other’s company. More so than you can at La Nouba.