Help me plan for just my husband and I


I can’t wait to see what you all come up with!!
reason for trip:
Okay, I graduate with my bachelor’s in nursing in December and my DH and I want to take a small extended weekend away sometime in Jan or early Feb. Of course, it’s my choice and I picked Disney. Although I feel guilty because my kids won’t be coming, we have agreed we will be going again in Dec 2010 so I will tell them I’m scoping out the fun stuff and will get the adult things out of the way.

Anyway, it hasn’t been the 2 of us since our honeymoon 12 years ago and I don’t know where to begin planning for an adult trip to WDW!
Suggestions? Advice?

We are looking at flying in early on a Friday and coming back late Sunday-maybe on a Monday. We are looking at either moderate or deluxe (especially since that is hard to manage with kids). We need activities, meals, place to stay, etc.


How nice.
Don’t feel guilty about the kids staying home. You deserve some adult only fun.

What’s there to plan? Go and enjoy the rides from a slightly different perspective. No Dumbo, No Aladin’s Carpets, heehee
Cirque de Soleil should be on the plan, I think


We’re big foodies and Disney has a number of very romantic locations for great food… and depending on where you stay, you could also be close to your room. :ohmy: :blush:

If you stay at an MK Deluxe, you could consider…

Citricos and Narcoosee’s at the Grand Floridian pair great food with great service in a fairly quiet atmosphere. Victoria and Albert’s is something I’ve always wanted to do, but it’s a commitment (3-4 hour dinner that requires a fair amount of planning).

I’ve never eaten at California Grill at the Contemporary, but it’s a top-rated Orlando restaurant.

At the Epcot resorts:
We ate at the Flying Fish on the Boardwalk recently and we loved it. The food is wonderful. I’ve also heard great things about the Yachtsman Steakhouse at the Yacht Club. Also worth considering Cat Cora’s Kouzzina (used to be Spoodles) on the Boardwalk. The menu looks tremendous.

Other things to consider:

  • having wine and cheese in France overlooking the Epcot lagoon
  • couple’s spa treatment at Grand Floridian
  • walking along the boardwalk
  • checking out adult attractions that the kids might not otherwise allow:
    • 360 shows of China and Canada
    • American Adventure / Hall of Presidents
    • The Land “Behind the Seeds” tour
    • There’s also a handful of magic-busting behind the scenes tours at MK and Epcot… worth investigating

All in all, sounds like fun. Have a great time!


I have to admit one of the most enjoyable times DH and I had on our adults only trip was going to other resorts to check them out. It was relaxing and fun to check out the restaurants attached to them, and their gift shops. Something the kids would never stand for. Too many rides to ride!


I agree! I love checking out the resorts we haven’t stayed at. I also think you should see about getting tickets to Cirque. It’s amazing!


Good for you! We took an adult trip August 2008…it was fantastic. Things we’ve done when we’ve gone without kids are: The Keys to the Kingdom Tour, the Segway Tour at Epcot and Cirque De Soleil. Have Fun planning your trip!


Wonderful ideas!! I never thought about doing a tour- that would be fun. I’ll have to go check them out and see which one would interest us the best.
California Grill sounds wonderful and i plan on setting up meals that only adults would appreciate! LOL!


Here are all the tours: Tours and Experiences | Walt Disney World Resort


Wow- thanks for that link!
I really would like to do the Keys to the Kingdom tour- that would be a great thing to do without the kids. The Backstage Magic tour sounds great too.

Has anyone done the AK tours?


Try dinner at Victoria & Albert’s. Wow!


That thought did cross my mind!


Forgot to mention that if you have the Disney Visa you get a discount on Tours (mention it at time of purchase).


I have hinted to DH that I would love a trip for just the two of us, but I don’t think it’s going to happen! I’m excited for you, though. I think you’ll have a wonderful time!

I’m with Dopey on the planning. I would just go with the flow! Do what you want when you want! Have fun!


I seriously think the most fun that DH and I had on our “alone trip” was exploring resorts. We set aside one day with no plans, and just meandered from resort to resort, stopping to eat when we got hungry. It was surprisingly romantic!


Sometimes just doing nothing is the best. Just let the day carry you!
I would love to explore resorts and take a walk o the Boardwalk!:wub: