Help me understand new DVC insurance


I got an email about the new insurance. 79 dollars a yr. I was thinking one yr from the day of the first trip. Like AP are good for 1 yr. So I’m thinking sounds like a good deal, but looking at the details, I think you have to pay 79 for each USE YEAR you travel in. We have a dec use year. We have a trip planned Nov 29 - dec 8 2011. Then we are thinking a trip in oct 2012 and a trip about Nov 26 to dec 2. (we planned to activate our AP on dec 1 2011, so it will be good until dec1 2012) The way it reads, I would have to pay 79 dollars each for the first two trips because they fall in two different use years. The third trip would end beyond the 365 days mark, so that really doesn’t count. And if I used banked points for the trip, that wouldn’t count either.

Am I understanding this right?

Timeshare Cancellation/Interruption benefit is only
afforded for Timeshare Trips that occur in the calendar
year to which Your Maintenance Charges or dues value
of Points are applied, once payment is received by the
Plan Administrator, and subject to the terms and
conditions outlined in this Description of Coverage.
During the first policy year, any Maintenance Charges
or dues value of Points accumulated or deposited from
previous years prior to purchase of the Plan are not


I would call them directly, but I read it the same as you.


That’s the way it was explained to me. They also told me that it was ONLY good for actual DVC member trips. Does not include guest or rentals.


I usually don’t get insurance, but I thought" hey 79 bucks to cover a whole years worth, that sounded pretty good". I’m not so sure now. And I haven’t figured out how much you get for your points if you have to cancel. I really didn’t look that far.


Looking on another board. It seems when you cancel, you get what you paid for the dues. So if you had BLT points, for each point you would get 3.79 or something around that. For SSR points, 4.86 per point. (I’m just guessing at the number for point value).

And of course, the 79 a year is great for people who have a million points and take 12 trips every year. Still not sure if I would get it.

I’m also curious, is it per use year per membership. We have our 2 grown kids on the deed. If we take a family trip. We stay at BLT, one stays at BWV and the other stays at AKV, are all the people and trips covered for the 79 bucks?


It’s a once a year charge and covers all members on the deed for that year. Covers more than just annual dues cost.

Plan Benefits Maximum Coverage*
Trip Cancellation Up to $10,000 per plan term
Trip Interruption Up to $10,000 per plan term
Trip Delay $1,000
Missed Cruise Connection $1,000
Baggage / Personal Effects $2,000
Baggage Delay $500
Recreation Equipment Delay $1,000
Emergency Medical Expenses $25,000
Emergency Medical Evacuation $250,000
Property Damage $2,000
Accidental Death & Dismemberment $25,000
Emergency Assistance Services Included
Debix Identity Theft Prevention Services Included
Roadside Assistance $100 (per occurrence)
*All coverage is per reservation unless otherwise noted. Coverage amounts
shown are shared between all persons occupying the unit. All benefits are
paid to the primary traveler listed on the Confirmation of Coverage.

Here is a link to the PDF with details…