Help me with MNSSHP plans


Hi! We are going to be at the world the first week of October & have MNSSHP tix for thursday 10/5. I am trying to decide which parks on which days and have a tentative plan - but I would love all of your expert opinions! We have a 5 day pass, no hoppers. Only 2nd time to Disney ever for all of us (my DH, me & DD 6 & DD almost 3). Never been to AK or MGM. Staying at Orange Lake resort (timeshare). We have our own car.

Here is what I was thinking:

Sun: Epcot
Mon: MK
Tues: AK
Wed: MGM (and pm at resort for pizza and LOST premier!)
Thurs: DTD, then MNSSHP at night
Fri: Epcot

Epcot is by far our fav park & it is food & wine festival, so we are super excited about that! I had considered going to MK on Thurs, leaving early, then back for MNSSHP. I had also considered Fri as DTD resort pools (& sleeping in) and no parks & doing AK or MGM on thurs, with time in afternoon/early evening for nap.

So, planners, what is my best way to go?


I would suggest switching the AK and MGM days. You will want to see Fantasmic at night and if you are going to be leaving early, you will miss it. Animal Kingdom closes early now, so it would be perfect to go spend the evening relaxing and watching Lost (which I am super excited for!). :happy:


I think your plans are just fine. I love the F&W festival and cannot wait to go again this year. You are going to love MNSSHP. Here is my best tip for that: Start in the opposite land from where they herd everyone. If they are sending everyone over to FL, run across the hub and go to tomorrow land. You will beat all the crowds this way. It worked for me on Halloween night and that was sold out!:heart:


I’ve never had problems getting on rides during the Halloween party, especially if you ride during parades. Also, as it gets later, it gets easier too.


SInce we are going another day too, our main focus on MNSSHP will be parades, fireworks and characters! Of course we will get a few rides in there too I am sure! My kids don’t know we are going to MNSSHP yet - we are telling them on the way down, or when we get there - not sure yet. Need to come up with good way to tell them! They will be thrilled - as if going to disney isn’t a big enough thrill! HA!
THanks for the reassurance and tips everyone!


I wouldn’t tell them until that night…what a great surprise that will be. I wasn’t even referring to the ride crowds when I said run across the hub to the opposite land. The trick or treating lines can also get rather longish…


ooh - good to know! I wondered how that worked - are there cm’s all over that just pass it out, or specific areas that you line up in, similar to lines for seeing characters? So much to think about, on top of all my normal obsessive disney planning!! lol


There are specific areas set up. LAst year they were clearly marked, but you are also handed a map to the locations. They also give candy out while you are leaving and during the parade. My DD got as much candy at that party as she did going around my neighboorhood…lol Yes, it is similiar to the lines for characters and can be as long depending on what time and where you start hense the reason I said to go in the opposite direction of the “herd” of people. Nothing wrong with obsessive disney planning…matter-of-fact it would be wrong not to plan a lot for a trip. You have a much better trip when you have some sort of game plan and do your homework.


Something I forgot to mention: There is a free family photo for everyone attending the party. They should have two locations or more for this. Be sure to either go there first when you get there or at the end of the night when everyone else has already gone. Those lines can be quite long.


I would avoid Epcot on a Friday with all the school groups and EMH on Friday it is Epcot’s busiest day.


i picked epcot because (in part) it is the one recommended to visit on I am hoping it wont be too crazy! our other choice is to dtd on friday and switch stuff around. but that means we would go to a park on the same day as MNSSHP. Not sure that is the best idea with the little ones. AGH! So much to think about! thanks everyone for the advise!


Not to contradict the other poster, but I think you will be fine at Epcot reagardless of EMH. That park can seriosuly absorb some crowds…no worries. Your plans are fine.


thanks everyone! we were looking on line at some pics of MNSSHP last night, and my DD said that would be so cool to go to! so I think the surprise will be huge! Now, time to decide on costumes for DH and I! DD’s are set with minnie and ariel costumes (just have to sneakily pack and unpack them - lol)! So much fun!!