Help! Moderate or Value?


Hello everyone,
My DH and I are thinking of planning a trip for mid December with our kids 7 and 4. We went to WDW last December for the first time and stayed at POFQ. We liked the resort because we could quickly get anywhere we wanted to go. We took the boat several times to DTD and really enjoyed that as well. The kids loved the pool! I wasn’t overly impressed with our room though, but it was sufficient.

This time we are thinking of going with a value to save money. I’ve read the rooms are smaller than the moderates though, and I can’t imagine staying in a room that is smaller than the one we had at POFQ! Since we’ve only stayed at POFQ, we have nothing else to compare it to.

I guess my question is, do you think it is worth paying for a moderate over a value? If you like the values, which one is your favorite? If you prefer a moderate, which one is your favorite? Also does anyone know if you can rent a car anywhere on the property? We were thinking of taking the kids to see the ocean(they’ve never seen it!) and also to Sea World one day.

Any input is appreciated!! Thanks!


Hands down POP is our favorite value. A few years ago we stayed at CBR, and honestly I didn’t see the $50 a night more justified anywhere in our experience. Yes, its a nicer layout, but we still had to ride buses, and the food court was FAR away at CBR. In the future, if I can’t do (or don’t want to pay for) deluxe, I’ll do Pop.


I <3 Pop Century!!

We’ve stayed there twice in the off-season and totally loved everything about it. We never had a problem getting around the world, the kids LOVED the pools (and we adults loved the pool bar :angel:)

The Pop is loud, fun and very Disney. If your looking for a relaxing resort with a bunch of amenities, you might want to look at the moderates. But if your looking for fun and value then I suggest the Pop.


We are always tempted to save the money at a value, but we always pay the difference for the upgrade to the moderate resorts. The moderate resorts offer more of a relaxing resort feel for us, and that is what we look for during our vacations. We love POFQ the best of the moderates. We love the boat ride from either of the PO resorts to DTD, and we love the fact that you aren’t limited to only bus service. All the resorts have great pools, and the pirate rooms/pool are a lot of fun at CBR if you are looking for something different. Good luck with the decision, Disney has so many great places to choose from.


My stays at a value and a moderate are far and in between but the posts I’ve read previously make me feel nothing has changed.

Value-no fridge, smaller rooms, waaaay more kids. When a large party plans a trip to WDW they usually tend to stay at a value instead. So beware, you might run into large groups of sports teams, you name it. There are no covered bus stops, and imo it feels more like…well…a Holiday Inn or Days Inn.

Moderate-fridge, slightly bigger rooms, less crowds (I say this even though we had a Brazilian Futbol team staying in POFQ last July, but guess what…I never saw them!! Until I went to the parks:wacko:) I LOVE POFQ! I only stayed there once and dh has several times, and we agreed, to us the POFQ is our ‘value’ resort. We might try Poly next trip, but we’re undecided. Oh and covered bus stops. You don’t realize how much it’s needed til a sudden down pour happens. I had a semi good mousekeeper. I wish she/he had been better and figure my next trip there I’d request a more thorough one, if I can even do that.

Dh won’t do a value since they are always more crowded, less comfy, have ceiling fans (yes it’s important to me to have that dang ceiling fan! lol)

Good Luck and I’m sure no matter what you pick, it’ll be great!


I’d look at it like this…if you plan to spend a lot of time at the hotel, i’d go with the mod’s. But if you plan to spend most of your time in the parks, i’d go with the value’s. No since in paying 4 walls to babysit your clothes all day while you’re out having fun.
In mid Dec you “shouldn’t” have sports/cheering/dance groups as most of those hit early fall or after the new year. Unless your one of those that swim in the winter you may not be using the pool. I’m a southern girl, heated or not i’m not going in below 75.
Values are 260 sqft, mod’s are 314-340 sqft. Both have double beds & 1 sink. Stayed in a value and it served it purpose. Stayed in a deluxe but never the mod’s.(yet)
If you’re looking to save a little split your trip and try both for future references.
The question is what do you plan to do when you get there? Answer that & you’ll decide where to stay.


I just like the moderates better. CBR, nice themed pool, smaller pools at each little pod of rooms. Thought the food was good at Old Porte Royale. I would spend the extra $$$. You will definately appreciate the fact that you did. Plus, after staying at POFQ, going to a value is definately going to be a bit of a let down. Just my two cents.


Personally, the Values are sufficient for me. But I have not stayed at a Moderate (only Value and Deluxe) so maybe my opinion is skewed!

But it really comes down to how much time you spend at your resort. With fairly young kids, I think the upgrade to a Moderate is probably worth it. You’re more likely to be spending time at the resort for pool breaks, naps, etc. The rooms at Values are smaller than at Mods, you’ve got no fridge, less transportation options (compared to POFQ anyway - no boat to DTD, for example), etc.

I love the Values because all I feel the need for is a room and a pool, nothing fancy. But I am generally in the parks from the moment they open until the latest one closes (and sometimes later if I hop to DTD afterwards!) So I think my money would be wasted on a Moderate. But in the future, when I take my kids and/or family members who might not enjoy a commando pace, I would definitely look into spending the extra $$ for a bigger room/better ambiance.


[QUOTE=Mickeybug;977480]Values are 260 sqft, mod’s are 314-340 sqft. Both have double beds & 1 sink. Stayed in a value and it served it purpose. Stayed in a deluxe but never the mod’s.(yet)

Actually, the moderates (can’t remember about the values) have two sinks, which is helpful for getting ready for early park mornings, especially with young children. POFQ has pedistal sinks with a ledge above for small toiletry items. CBR has a long vanity with storage underneath for more daily essentials - very handy!


If the pool and the transportation via boat to DTD(although those are only at 2 of the mods) are important, then I’d go for a moderate. I prefer moderates myself, because of the more relaxed atmosphere, and because my ds loves the pools with the water slides, and he asks specifically about them. The room size isn’t that important, nor is the fridge, as we aren’t in the room much at all, but the facilities and recreation and restaurants the moderates have is worth it to us.


If you found the room at POFQ small, you most definately will not be happy at a value. 4 people crammed in one of those rooms can bring a whole new meaning to the words “close-knit family”. Me and my DD have stayed in them, but it was only the two of us. I wouldn’t stay there with four people, but I am seriously claustrophobic. I also enjoy taking breaks at the resort, but a small room would never do for me. The moderates are most definately worth it. All that being said, if value was the only way in world I could go to WDW, I would…or I’d save more and wait another year…lol


Thanks everyone for your input. I can’t say we spent too much time in our room or at the pool. We did really like the fridge though. We brought our own cereal/breakfast food so it really came in handy.

I guess rather than the amenities, I’m more concerned about the amount of people at a value and also how the bus service compares. Are there longer waits/lines at the food court and bus stops? Are the buses completely packed?

I think we could live with a small, simple room…but if it is louder/more chaotic or we have to wait longer/walk a lot farther that is what would make me choose a moderate.


i might be in the minorita here but we have most often stayed value when our ki8ds were little and while a little small we were fine for the amount of time we were in the room. however dh and i stayed at riverside he loved it… i thought the room we great. but there is no theming… I didnt see one single mickey in the room. nothing that showed it was disney… no towel animals no cute wallpaper. nothing. Not sure if this matters but we did like it and will go back. in october we are doing a short trip and staying at the music.


Its a matter if comfort. The values are way too small for our family, no refridgerator, one sink, loud loud loud kids screaming all night long (happened both times we stayed at a value). I save all year long to enjoy my vacation. I want peace and quiet when I’m sleeping, and to be pampered, not squashed like sardines listening to other peoples screaming kids. My vote would be a Moderate.


My dh and I just returned from an adults only vacation and stayed at the CBR. It was wonderful. It is our favorite resort. As we are planning next year’s vacation with the entire family (3 kids, 14, 11, and 7) we thought it would be nice to go back. Our kids have stayed at moderates, deluxes and value (only POP). They ALL want to go to POP.

We will get two rooms so space is not so much of an issue. But, we did all cram in to a room at POP 3 years ago with an air mattress - what a time!!!

POP has a great food court and game room and is so very kid friendly. The only differences I can see is the double sink, hot tub, and decor at CBR. POP has a decent pool, neat decor (though very LOUD) and a nice bar by the pool.

Biggest issue is the bus system. We have found that there is often times we have to wait a bus (or two or three) at POP - sometimes there are large crowds staying at POP and late at night when the parks close there can be some waiting time.

Its a tough decision but not sure the difference is worth the extra cost - money you could use elsewhere.

Now, there is a difference between the moderates and deluxes and its called “food court” which is a necessity for us!

Best of luck! Its a tough decision - but its all Disney and you really can’t go wrong!


The moderates appeal to our family very much. And last week, my son and I went to Pop to have a quick breakfast and check the place out before hitting the parks. I would have been overwhelmed with it if I had been staying there for the whole week.


Wow, the mod’s are passing the deluxe now. Our Poly only has 1.:cool:

If you’re concerned about bus crowds the sports has the easiest ride of the 3 AS’s. They’re the first to pickup, first to unload. Then it’s music then movies (or at least that’s how it was on our last val stay). Never had a prob at the food court as there’s several windows with several choices and both checkouts were always open during meal times. You can get the closest building to the food court which I think is around $10 more. Same for having a fridge too. As I mentioned the time of year you’re planning doesn’t usually have sports groups, and as for obnoxious kids running astray, we’ve found those everywhere (with the exception of our day visits at GF). We’ve found the AS’s no more cramped than a regular Days Inn. If you can handle those then you’re good. For what you say you’re looking for I say stay at the value and spend the extra $ in the parks where you’ll be all day.


Well I talked it over with my husband and he thought we should just go with POFQ since we liked it so much. I think this will probably be the last time we go for awhile so he said why not go for it. I just booked it! So excited!! I also requested building 4 so we could be RIGHT next to the food court and everything else. :slight_smile:

Thanks again for your input, it was very helpful!


[QUOTE=debrahv;978820]Well I talked it over with my husband and he thought we should just go with POFQ since we liked it so much. I think this will probably be the last time we go for awhile so he said why not go for it. I just booked it! So excited!! I also requested building 4 so we could be RIGHT next to the food court and everything else. :slight_smile:

Thanks again for your input, it was very helpful![/QUOTE]

Great choice! We’ve also requested building 4 on our last couple of trips and I thought it was an excellent location. Right next to the food court/lobby, closest to the bus stop, and close to the pool.


Good choice. We (almost) always stay at POR, but it’s only because we like the atmosphere there. Love the boats to DTD, and though the busses pick up guests at POFQ first, we seldom have trouble getting a seat. I think next time we are going to try POFQ for a change of pace. Have a great time!