Help moderate prices


Ok I need some Mbers help trying very hard to get the DW to say yes to a Disney trip for the last week of Oct. 25th to the 30th. She keeps saying how to afford it. Money has been tight but things at work are looking up for me. overtime every week. I need a get away bad. This is the question to take advantage of the basic dining plan we have to stay at a moderate resort which one is the cheapest that I can stay at so I can try to talk her into it.
thank you all.


Free dining has been announced for late September through mid December.
That should be all you need to convince her.
I believe that all of the mods have basically the same rate structure.

If you’re referring to the free dining offer, you can stay at a value, and then pay for the upgrade from the free CS dining plan to the basic dining plan. (Or have been able to in the past when upgrading basic to deluxe dining plan)


The base price/night for the moderate resorts will be the same for all three.

However, prices differ according to availablity at resorts. Which resort has the lowest rates depends on what rooms are booked at each resort. If all of the standard rooms are booked at CSR, then of course the other two will be less expensive. Pirate rooms at CBR, as well as “water view” or “preferred” rooms are more expensive, and prices vary according to the resort. If you book the standard room as soon as the resorts become available, then you won’t have to worry about finding the “best deal.”


Does anyone know what it would cost to upgrade to the basic dining package from the CS dining on the free CS package price, I have 2 adults and 2 children?


Subtract the cost of the QS plan from the basic plan.
That should be the cost to upgrade.

The basic is $40 per adult per night, $11 per child per night
The QS is $30 per night per adult, $9 per adult per child