Help! need some 411 about traveling with small infant!


So I have been reading everything i can find about taking a small infant to WDW but still have some more questions!

We are planning a trip to WDW around the middle of September and our DD will be almost 5 months. I am just wondering about previous experience that you all have had with taking babies that young…

Will i be able to go on the tame rides with her? And we have a baby sling, ( which is the best thing since sliced bread…i love that thing!) will i be able to keep her in that while we are on the rides? We also have a 3 year old DS, Will we be able to do the child swap and he get to ride both times? I think that is all I have for now. If anyone could share their advice that would be helpful as we are very nervous about taking her but can’t wait to be down there!


First off, CONGRATS on the new baby!

DH and I took our 9-mo-old twins and 3 yo DD a couple years ago. You can absolutely ride any of the “tame” (i.e. Fantasyland) rides with her. You’ll just have to see if the lap bars and other safety devices will still work with the sling. You may need to take her out and just hold her for some rides.

We took them on everything we could and did the rider swap for everything else. As for DS riding both times, I think that’s how it worked, but we never used the rider swap for anything other than big rides that DD couldn’t ride anyway.

Absolutely bring your own stroller for her and extra clothes every day. You just never know… DD had several blowouts the first time we went, and not having enough extra clothes with us in the parks was NOT good!!! :blow: :blow: :blow:

At 5 months, you shouldn’t have to worry too much about food yet, but when we went, we had 2 1/2 extra suitcases full of diapers, formula, and baby food! Those were the days! We’re totally looking forward to this October when they will be 2 1/2 and maybe we won’t even have to bring too many diapers! :happy: :happy: :happy:

Please post any other questions you have and we’ll try to help as much as we can, or you can always PM with any specific ones.

Have a great time, and again, congratulations!


I have never taken an infant that young to WDW, but my son was not yet 2 the first time he went. Yes, your older child will get to ride twice-once with each of you- when you use the baby swap. The older child really gets a great deal on that one!!
As far as the tame rides go, you should be fine on quite a few of them. I personally have ridden the people mover close to 2 billion times during someone’s naptime! I say go ahead and get the little one used to riding things, then she will be on Rockin’ Roller Coaster by the time she is 3!!
Hope you have a great trip!!


We took DS when he was 4m…he turned 5m while we were there. It was great!

Yes your son will be able to ride with the kidswap each time. I believe it’s good for three people. Our DD6 at the time, LOVED that she got to ride all the rides twice with DH and myself.

You may want to consider shipping your diapers to the respot ahead of time. We shipped all our diapers, wipes and snacks for around $25.00. Even if you don’t ship they ahead, in a big zip lock pack the diapers, wipes, and an outfit for the trip there and another for the trip home. This way you can keep it to the side and it’s one less thing you have to worry about when it’s time to leave.

Take advantage of the baby stations at each park. They have great rooms to feed, change and rest with the baby. You can also buy supplies here, for a pretty fair cost. DS and I would go to these at nap time so he would be out of the heat, and this allowed DD and DH some time alone. She really enjoyed the one on one time since the few months before had been so focused on the new baby.

At the airport you are going to have to take her out of the sling and send it through the xray machine. They will also want to remove her shoes if she’s wearing any. I would dress her in a simple dress or onsie and light pants with socks for the plane. Changing diapers on the plane can be VERY difficult, it’s best to have as few snaps and buttons as possible.

We brought DS back when he was 10 months old and found that it was MUCH easier with a 5 month old. Ask away if you have any questions!


My son was 4 weeks old when he first went to Disney. They can go on anything you can as long as there is no height requirement and they are able to sit next to you. A lot of the rides allow you to keep the infant on your lap.

I found it fairly easy with an infant. Just make sure if you are going when it is hot to make sure the infant eats and stays hydrated.


Oh, and bring some Mortin or some other infant medicine. They have it at the first aid centers, but we always seem get a sick kid when we are there. Plus, if needed, the first aid centers are GREAT!!


Make sure the young ones get enough cool down time to catch their breath. If this is their first trip, it will be a bit overwhelming at times. Especially with the larger than life characters. If they don’t want to do something, don’t do it. Makes sure that you do the really tame rides first. What I suggest is this. Head straight for Peter Pan and get Fastpasses, then go across the way and ride It’s A Small World first. It’s very calm, colorful and most of the movement comes from very small child-sized animatronics. And the 3 yr old will “get” the song by the time you are done and may even sing it with you. This will set your tone for the day. Sorry dad, you are going to have to wait for nap time before getting on Space Mountain. After that, you should have time for Dumbo and the Carousel before using your Fastpasses for Peter Pan…their first dark ride. After Peter Pan is done, go get your fastpasses for Winnie the Pooh. Winnie the Pooh and Peter Pan are the busiest rides in Fantasyland that have Fastpasses, so, it’s always best to use them at those two places. Hit the Teacups while waiting for the Fastpasses. Let the 3 year old do the spinning. Keep it really easy if you spin at all. If your 3 year old is really into it, then you can go to Toon Town after Winnie the Pooh. But, before you head up there, it is time to rehydrate a little bit. Make sure the diaper is dry, etc. Oh yeah…be plentiful with the powder for the kids. It will keep them comfortable. Make sure you have strollers for both. Don’t expect the three year old to be able to handle the walking part. I used a double from Disney up until my 8 year old didn’t fit anymore. By this time, you will know what the 3 year old can handle.

Rides you should be wary of:
Snow White’s Scary Adventures - Some of the images might be disturbing to little ones.
Indy Speedway - This ride is especially bumpy and young children’s heads will bump hard at times.
Stitch - It’s very dark and loud. It’s from Stitch’s bad guy time before becoming the lovable imp.
Pirates of the Caribbean - Dark with the occasional loud noise.
Mickey’s Philharmagic - It might be a little intense. This one you will have to see how they are responding to everything.

Everything else should be fine to ride that doesn’t have a height requirement.

Buzz Lightyear, Tomorrowland Transit Authority, Aladdin’s Flying Carpets, Jungle Cruise, Country Bear Jamboree, Goofy’s Barnstormer, Monster’s Inc. Laugh Factory and Tom Sawyer’s Island should provide fun for the three year old.

This is a good guideline for all of the parks. Keep the rides similar throughout the parks and the three year old will really enjoy themselves.


I read a tip when going to the parks with a young baby, you might want to throw in an extra t-shirt for yourself. No sense walking around with spit-up (or worse) on your shirt all day. I know you could just buy a new one, but that would really bother this cheap person.:laugh:


I think you’ve gotten a lot of responses so far, but I really wanted to reiterate the importance of the baby care centers. They are a welcome respit of AC breaks without having to leave the park. There are changing rooms, nursing rooms and even a ‘rec’ room which plays disney movies all day for the older child to chill out a bit while you tend to the baby. We’re going back in September and our youngest will be just 10 months and I have no worries. We’ve been going every year since my older daughter was 1! Also, the disney rental strollers aren’t really buillt for little ones, so I would suggest bringing your own.


I took DD4 for the first time when she was 9 months! I think that is when she caught the Disney Bug . . . after that is was all things Disney for her!! :wub:

The baby care centers are FANTASTIC! A great place to cool off, feed the baby, change them . . . done well . . . the DISNEY way!

Also, I brought all the baby food with me too . . . and we stayed at POR, and they had it in their gift shop to purchase . . . call ahead to the resort you are staying at and see if the still carry it? (at the time I lived in NJ and some of the jars didn’t make it on the plane ride :glare:)

Bringing your own stroller too is a great idea . . . the sling will be TOO hot! I’m not sure you will be able to bring her on the rides . . . but WDW is great with the child swap!

Enjoy . . . if she’s anything like my DD, all the eye candy will make her very sleepy! DD took more naps then normal that week! :happy:


It’s funny that you say that because DS did the same thing his first two trips. I think he may have been overwhelmed by the heat and visual stimulation, because he spent most of the trips sound asleep.

Another thing about the sling…

Not only does it get too hot, but it also gets HEAVY! We bought a Coleman battery operated camping fan. It’s small and square, about 8x8 inches. It was sooo much better than the small clip on fans that are sold in WDW. This made it possible to keep the baby covered and protected from the sun (especially while he slept) but still allowed him to have PLENTY of air. We had to turn it off a few times because he was getting cold.:happy:


Look like you receive a lot of great advice.

One thing that we did that was a big help was to ship to our resort all of our disposable baby needs. This really helped with the travel.


I completely forgot about the baby care centers! Those were wonderfu when we had to feed the twins. They all have real highchairs, and the staff are so caring and wonderful. Plus, they have just about anything you could need right there, for purchase, if you forgot it. Those are great, cool, well-stocked areas that I give awesome kudos to Disney for having! Definitely take advantage of them!


Our youngest was 9 months the first time we took her, and it was great! She was still nursing, so that made it especially easy since I didn’t have to worry about formula and bottles. We kept a wet washcloth in a ziplock baggie to keep her cooled down. The poor little thing had such a sweaty head, she looked like she’d been dunked in the pool the minute we stepped foot out of our resort.


Thank you guys so much for all the advice and keep it coming with anything else you can think of with traveling with 2 small kids. All the advice makes feel better about bringing her. Has anyone ever used one of those sit and stand strollers (the baby can sit in the front and the older child sit or stand in the back)? I saw one at target the other day and was wondering if i should get that or just bring two umbrella strollers… I am excited about seeing the baby centers! we took our DS when he was about 15 months but completely forgot about those.

Oh and another thing… what is the weather going to be like at the end of Sept? I used to live down there but had such a horrible time i blocked it all out i guess. I am sure it will be hot but can’t remember if the nights cool down?

anyways, thanks for all the advice and keep it coming!


Orlando is so funny in regards to weather. You might luck out and have a few cool nights after 90 degree days. I always bring a pair of jeans and a sweatshirt just in case.

In regards to the Sit and Stand Stroller. The concept seems wonderful, but the actual stroller is not comfortable for the one sitting up front. The seat is hard and my son seems to slide down and the strap cuts him in the crotch area. We bought it while we were in Disney one trip and I wish I didn’t waste the money! I would do 2 umbrellas with canopys or get a good double. I prefer the side by side doubles. I use the Baby Trend Jogging Stroller- the one with a swivel wheel. It is wonderful (and I don’t jog!!) If whatever stroller you choose doesn’t have a great canopy, buy a good sun shade.