Help - Need Tink autograph for Make-A-Wish


I’m doing a wish granting today of a little 7 year old who loves Tink.

This was a last minute assignment and I made it to the Disney Store yesterday, but it occured to me this morning that an autograph from Tink would really round out the presents.

If you have one and can upload it here or email it to me I’d really appreciate it.

I’m leaving for this wish grantng at 1PM today, but Tink is always popular so please send me what you’ve got so I’ll have them for future wishes!


This is a PNG file, so when you add it to word/paint/whatever, it won’t have a white background around it. That way, you can change the color of the background to whatever you want and be able to add her signature to it.


Thanks Victoria!


bummer i wish there was more time. a friend of mine is best friends with one of tink’s “helpers”


I can always use a Tink autograph, which I can keep for future wish kids.

Something like “To a special princess…love and pixie dust Tinker Bell” would be great. I can scan and use it again and again. (Email me for address or scan and email.)

The wish granting went well. The child is non communicative and the only way she really responds is with her eyes. And she loves Tink. Her room is covered with Tink…and now she has MORE Tink stuff, including a Tink autographed picture sent to her by Tink herself - with a little help from MouseBuzz.



Yay! I’m glad it went well!!! :happy: