HELP NEEDED! Did anyone video AK parade on 16th Feb?


My name’s Rachel, and I have just returned from a 2 week holiday in Orlando.

The reason I’ve joined is because I need your help. Whilst we were visiting Animal Kingdom on Thursday 16th February, we were unexpectedly invited to join the afternoon parade to ‘help Mickey and his pals’!! As you can imagine, we were all thrilled (especially my kids :pirate: ) and as we were travelling with my in-laws I asked them to video us. Unfortunately they were not very skilled in using the camera, and we haven’t got any visual material whatsoever. :sad:

If ANYONE was videoing the parade on Thursday 16th February, could you please contact me as I would love to see/have a copy of us in the parade. We were sitting in the blue float being pulled by a cast member on a bike, and were just in front of Goofy. There’s me, my daughter (9), my son (6) and my husband (ageless!) I think I was wearing a white t-shirt and had a green hat(?) provided. My daughter had an orange camo hat and my son a blue one.

If you can help PLEASE get in touch.




sorry I can’t help, but that must have been AMAZING for you and your fam!!!
What a magical thing to happen :mickey:

also I’d like to send out a big WELCOME to Disney Central!!! :wub:


Just bumping this up for you. I hope someone here can help out. :happy:


Have you registered on other Disney message boards? I know of two who could help you. They are and DisneyWorld Good luck!!!


Well, I wasn’t filming that day, but if it helps I was helping Goofy that day. You were right in front of me!


Oh Realy you were helping goofy on the parade ?


HOW DID YOU GET PICKED? We have always wanted to be the family that is picked to be in one of the parades and it just hasnt happened yet. <sigh>


Oh yes. I was there on that day. Extremely hot and very tiresome parade, but I like it anyways.


OH My Mother was their that day she phoned me that day she loved the parade !
CONGRATS 10/10 from my mom


I am bumping this up again for you. I hope you find someone who taped it. I have never been picked to be in a parade in my many trips. That is some serious dinsey magic you and your family got to experience. I am very happy for you. Please let us know if you find a copy of that parade. I’m crossing fingers for you.


I’m afraid I wasn’t there then, but I’ll bump it again and welcome you to DC!!! Hope you find a tape of it.


Heyi found a pic on my PC is this you rowdy its on Friday July 15 2005



HAHAHA I like how high Goofy’s pants are. That’s awesome…


hehe yeah he always looks that bit out of place


Thanks for all the feedback guys. No-one’s come up with anything yet, but I’m crossing my fingers (and a few other appendages :crying: ) We have got photos (I hope…we haven’t had the film developed yet!) but it was the video we really wanted.

To those of you who asked the obvious question, we just happened to be in the right place at the right time, and got talking to Fer (the cast member who organises all the families). It’s never happened before, nor will it probably happen again, which is why I’m desperately trying to contact someone with any video footage.

RowdyRAider, if you were there that day, everyone certainly made us feel really welcome.

Thanks again guys and PLEASE let me know if anyone comes up with anything. My kids would be made up!